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Voices being raised in DPS society for hiring administrator

In the letter addressed to the registrar, Nayak who is also one of the elected members of the working committee of the society, mentioned that “it is quite unfortunate” on how things were being managed in the society.

“Principals and vice-principals of core schools who are ex-officio members according to the memorandum and rules of DPSS have been ignored and were not invited for AGM and meetings of the working committee in 2014,” she highlighted in the letter adding that even the principals and vice-principals have objected to this.

The letter also informs that, “There is no selection committee for staff and the selections are arbitrarily made by the Chairman.” The next two issues are the ones reported by Millennium Post. In the story “Former CAG Shunglu going easy on corrupt?” on 23 December 2014 highlights the issue in the letter regarding, the issue of the incumbent Chairman VK Sunglu raising the issue of ill-gotten wealth of the present vice-chairman Ashok Chandra in a letter in October 2014. After assuming charge as Chairman Shunglu has taken no action on the issue.

Also the story on the controversial election of the election of the chairman of the society which Millennium Post reported on 5 May 2014 - 'Did former CAG Shunglu rig DPS society election?' highlights the selection of Shunglu as the Chairman of the Society, with the crucial vote of author Khushwant Singh going missing leading to Shunglu's victory.

Providing details of the issues, Nayak in the letter has requested Registrar to “take appropriate and immediate corrective measures including the appointment of an administrator.” She also noted in the letter that, “ as a life member it is painful to place on record the complete failure of administration in DPSS and the lack of faith amongst the life members, principals and vice-principals.”

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