Millennium Post

World War I's forgotten violent aftermath and toxic legacy

23 Dec 2017 3:39 PM GMT
Gerwarth warns of a trend to create and reward differences rather than united co-existence – with rights for all sections, and that mere military victory, or war termination, is meaningless without skillful peace-making, writes Vikas Datta

Dawn of Anthropocene age

6 Nov 2016 4:24 PM GMT
When did lions start being considered the epitome of royalty and courage, and do they deserve their reputation? Which unlikely animal was once used in ...

Whirlwind in World Cricket

28 Aug 2016 8:05 PM GMT
For nearly half a century after becoming a Test-playing nation, their stylish, hard-hitting batsmen, fearsomely fast bowlers and energetic fielders...

Potter and the son

7 Aug 2016 8:27 PM GMT
The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well,” were the last lines of the final installment of one of the most popular cycle of...

Crime and Punishment

31 July 2016 7:33 PM GMT
Crime doesn’t pay’ is something almost everyone is taught around the world, but proves to be less than true (at least in the short run, which is what...

Gandhi and Savarkar

24 July 2016 8:41 PM GMT
Every country and society may have differing narratives of the past and for its future, and they can alternate. While their committed adherents fight...

The journey of BRICS

10 July 2016 9:16 PM GMT
With India’s recent bid to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group failing not only due to the opposition of China, but also due to issues raised by members...

Chilling reality of a scientific achievement

6 March 2016 9:03 PM GMT
What one measure can bring down the modern civilisation? It is not a military attack, or more indirect means like blocking the Internet and telephone...

All the world’s a stage

24 Jan 2016 8:27 PM GMT
Generations of schoolchildren saddled with his plays in a quaint English are unlikely to view him with much appreciation or affection but no other...
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