Millennium Post

A tale of indomitable spirit

19 March 2018 4:08 PM GMT
Stephen Hawking was one of the scientists to express that the idea of a God is not incompatible with scientific theory.

Bollywood's dependable 'firang'

1 Oct 2017 5:26 PM GMT
Tom Alter’s impressive career record is testimony to India’s inclusive acceptance as much as to his undeniable talent.

Racing without relenting

20 Sep 2017 3:51 PM GMT
Czech Locomotive made a long run into hearts of enthusiasts across the globe.

Drawing ancient history: The co-creator and preserver of Asterix

29 April 2017 2:51 PM GMT
The world's most famous French warrior nearly had his career cut short when his writer died midway through one of his adventures but fans of Asterix...

Einstein’s famous equation explained

15 Jan 2017 9:28 PM GMT
For what is the most famous and significant scientific equation ever, E=mc2 (c squared) appears rather simple. But in its five characters – three...

Love lessons from great philosophers

25 Dec 2016 11:48 PM GMT
It is inexplicable, irresistible, makes the world go around, but its course may never run smooth. Falling in love with someone, somewhere, sometime is ...

Forgotten legacy

11 Dec 2016 8:25 PM GMT
He was a ‘VIP’ in independent India, not because he was the son–in–law of the Prime Minister, but because he was a lawmaker always ready to pin down...

The pragmatic revolutionary

28 Nov 2016 10:45 PM GMT
As a teenager, he once wrote to a US President congratulating him on his re-election and requesting a $10 bill because he 'had never seen one and...

ISI: lurking in the dark

20 Nov 2016 4:00 PM GMT
Commonly known by its three-letter acronym, this organisation is held by its enemies, and even some allies, responsible for most of the trouble and...

Under watchful eyes

13 Nov 2016 5:31 PM GMT
Her parents may soon become the only couple to both become the President of the United States, but also have long stints and achievements in public...

Dawn of Anthropocene age

6 Nov 2016 4:17 PM GMT
W hen did lions start being considered the epitome of royalty and courage, and do they deserve their reputation? Which unlikely animal was once used...

An American Chronicle

23 Oct 2016 5:20 PM GMT
Love it or loathe it, it is undeniable that the US is the world’s sole superpower (and will remain so for quite some time). Apart from being a...
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