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Vandana Singh

Vandana Singh

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Whither to Chitto park?

21 Sep 2014 8:10 PM GMT
There are more pandals, more dhaks (traditional drums) and even more people. What has also gone up is the regional diversity of the people now...

Rights in times of extremism

31 Aug 2014 8:46 PM GMT
The truth, as they say, is always a compound of two half truths and you never quite reach it because there is always something more to say. However,...

Death is only a horizon

20 July 2014 9:11 PM GMT
When Rossiter W. Raymond said, ‘Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our...


13 July 2014 1:01 AM GMT
A wounded Bhishma Pitamah lay in pain on his bed of arrows though he was protected with ikchamrityu, the blessing to choose one’s hour of death. The...

From Cradle to the Book Shelf

22 Jun 2014 10:35 PM GMT
You may think it’s difficult to write history because of the tedious process of fact collection and collation involved in it. You may also think it...

One seat two many

25 May 2014 8:17 PM GMT
The vote-seeking hoardings have been replaced with those carrying messages conveying gratitude. The big fight for seats in the 16th Lok Sabha is...


11 May 2014 8:38 PM GMT
What is the first thing one needs when s/he decides to pen down a book? A topic. But just any topic won’t do. The topic has to be new or it must dare...

Trapped in a messiah complex

16 Feb 2014 9:18 PM GMT
The country is going through tough times. Poverty, sickness, mismanagement, corruption and misgovernance are rampant and almost omnipresent....

This V-Day, even moral guardians will celebrate love!

14 Feb 2014 12:22 AM GMT
Well, don’t be. Because it’s not just those who believe in celebrating love who are going to wake up to a pleasant morning this Valentine’s Day, the...

Rape or renege

2 Feb 2014 10:01 PM GMT
An activist from the Indian Independence movement and socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia had famously said that between a man and a woman everything...

Love and loathing on Twitter: So how much is too much?

19 Jan 2014 9:09 PM GMT
Because everyone’s case is being taken and every private detail is being served up for public consumption. And before you raise your voice of dissent...

Gods, guns and Tibet

19 Jan 2014 5:00 PM GMT
It’s a story about how far apples of the same tree can go on falling off the branches, but it’s also a story about how the parent tree remains...
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