Millennium Post

Lessons from Raj Dharma

8 July 2020 3:45 PM GMT
Lord Rama during his discourse to younger brother Bharata touched upon various aspects of Raj Dharma which still hold relevance to those who hold the responsibility of governance today

Ahead of his times

1 July 2020 5:49 PM GMT
Former PM Narasimha Rao’s revolutionary land reforms in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh have had a long-lasting impact that continues to echo in the field of agriculture in Telangana today

Clearing the mists of time

27 Jun 2020 5:50 PM GMT
Establishing a timeline to the life of Lord Rama, Bhatnagar’s Dating the Era of Lord Rama is a step in the right direction of pulling our ancient history out from the ambivalent realm of mythologies

Expanding healthcare

25 Jun 2020 1:26 PM GMT
At a time when in-person visits to healthcare facilities are becoming risky and difficult, the versatility and reach of telemedicine is a much-needed supplement to traditional healthcare

Resolute irrigation projects

10 Jun 2020 5:40 PM GMT
Telangana has absolute rights over its share of river water and has put in place various infrastructure projects to adequately use its share for optimum benefit in irrigating its lands

Restoring past glory

6 Jun 2020 6:14 PM GMT
Blending the organic farming methods of old with the scientific practices and market sense of the present time in the form of regulatory farming is the way forward to making Telangana agriculture more profitable

Creating a brighter future

1 Jun 2020 5:28 PM GMT
Through the use of regulatory farming, Telangana is working to empower and enrich its farmers as it works towards becoming the ‘Rice Bowl’ of India

Wasting away of 'The Beautiful Tree'

30 May 2020 5:27 PM GMT
A reflection of the indigenous Indian education system before the unfortunate Macaulisation — root and stem — of the traditional Indian education philosophy

A patently obvious fact

26 May 2020 5:30 PM GMT
Given that generic medicines are just as safe and effective as branded medicines while still being more cost-effective, it is prudent to promote the same for wider healthcare access

A path to uncertainty

19 May 2020 2:54 PM GMT
The support offered by the Centre in its guidelines and stimulus package does not adequately provide comfort and direction to a faltering economy and panicked populace

An epic conundrum

14 May 2020 5:01 PM GMT
With a proven track record and background in the Indian medical system, homeopathy can be given an equal chance at curing and preventing COVID-19

Avoiding a dearth of innovation

4 May 2020 5:46 PM GMT
The danger of the ill-effects of groupthink in Centre-state relations in this pandemic crisis must be averted in the spirit of good governance and Indian federalism
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