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Vanam Jwala Narasimha Rao

Vanam Jwala Narasimha Rao

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Improving standards

6 Oct 2019 4:36 PM GMT
Implementing the Citizen Charters would enhance the quality of services provided to public, grossly complementing grievance redress mechanisms

Mislead governorship

8 Sep 2019 3:25 PM GMT
Despite being an autonomous constitutional office holding an apolitical view, the Institution of Governor has been misused several times to fulfil politically motivated interests

Combatting corruption

30 Aug 2019 3:24 PM GMT
With rampant corruption evident in certain quarters of administration, effective punitive and corrective measures become prerequisites for good governance

Unnecessary alteration

23 Aug 2019 2:56 PM GMT
The meticulously drafted RTI Act should continue functioning the way it was conceived without any amendment, enabling it to serve its purpose with complete integrity

Withering away

18 Aug 2019 2:02 PM GMT
Parliament needs to address the institutional challenges to check the declining accountability

A systematic approach

8 Aug 2019 3:31 PM GMT
Seeking commitment to welfare and development

Striking a bargain

2 Aug 2019 3:19 PM GMT
The amendment to improve settlement of inter-state river water disputes requires more scrutiny

Matter of heritage

18 July 2019 4:25 PM GMT
Not listed as a heritage building yet, the future of Errum Manzil remains uncertain with the lingering construction of a new Assembly

A very ambitious aim

11 July 2019 3:25 PM GMT
The strategy required to make India a $5 trillion economy must be clearly spelt out

A consolidated fund

5 July 2019 4:43 PM GMT
A dedicated health and emergency care development fund would be prominent in channelising government funds in the right direction

Besides the burnished name?

23 Jun 2019 3:29 PM GMT
In the backdrop of its recently conducted fifth meeting, what purpose does the NITI Aayog meet serve?

An authoritative institution

16 Jun 2019 4:28 PM GMT
What does India’s partly parliamentarian partly presidential model speak of the President of India?
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