Millennium Post

A historic declaration

18 Aug 2021 1:49 PM GMT
Dalit Bandhu Scheme, a landmark policy intervention towards Dalit empowerment in Telangana, could potentially be replicated across the country

Unequivocal empowerment

30 July 2021 2:23 PM GMT
Dalit Bandhu Scheme is expected to empower the community financially in Telangana and serve as a model for other states to emulate

A usurpation?

19 July 2021 1:16 PM GMT
The unilateral authorization of Godavari and Krishna River management boards to administrate the basin projects steals away the rights of respective states

Eternal in essence

17 April 2021 6:30 PM GMT
The Vedas and Upanishads are the oldest storehouses of knowledge that answer complex realities of human life

Driving opportunity

24 Jan 2021 5:34 PM GMT
Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s forward-thinking wealth creation schemes have resulted in massive employment opportunities in the State of Telangana

Essence of democracy

29 Nov 2020 5:17 PM GMT
The possible implementation of the ‘One Nation-One Election’ theory raises more issues than it supposedly resolves

For a green future

11 Oct 2020 4:46 PM GMT
Large-scale tree planting programme undertaken by the Telangana Government has made significant strides in achieving an increase in green cover in the state

'New Revenue Act will once and for all put an end to land-related sorrows being faced by poor farmers'

10 Sep 2020 5:52 PM GMT
While introducing the New Revenue Act in the form of two bills namely, Abolition of Posts of VROs and Telangana Rights in Land and Pattadaar passbooks ...

Leading by example

6 Aug 2020 3:36 PM GMT
A versatile, dedicated and well-versed IAS officer, the late Venkataramani Bhaskar will be remembered as an ideal role model for many younger generations of civil servants

Future of the Republic

15 July 2020 5:42 PM GMT
At a time when populism is on the rise and the people growing ever more dependent on the Government, the idea of Indian Republic must be revitalised

Lessons from Raj Dharma

8 July 2020 3:45 PM GMT
Lord Rama during his discourse to younger brother Bharata touched upon various aspects of Raj Dharma which still hold relevance to those who hold the responsibility of governance today

Ahead of his times

1 July 2020 5:49 PM GMT
Former PM Narasimha Rao’s revolutionary land reforms in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh have had a long-lasting impact that continues to echo in the field of agriculture in Telangana today
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