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Trithesh Nandan

Trithesh Nandan

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Govt banks set to be all-boys club

11 April 2014 12:49 AM GMT
Barely three months ago, there were as many as five women heading PSBs. It was considered the best period for women employees in ‘sarkari banks’,...

Lily Thomas vs the Union of India

6 April 2014 4:34 PM GMT
Sheel Kumar Roy never imagined the steely resolve that lay behind the soft voice of 86-year-old Lily Thomas when she greeted him on that fateful day...

‘As leader of the ship, PM can’t say his integrity is beyond question’

29 Jan 2014 11:04 PM GMT
In a complex country like India, where imaginative leaders are needed to make the best of emergent realities, Manmohan Singh failed to provide that...

‘PM should have learnt art of biting’

17 Jan 2014 11:53 PM GMT
Will history be kind to Manmohan Singh? Yes, believes Prof G K Chadha, former vice-chancellor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University and now president of...

In this bank, bottom-line is trust!

12 Jan 2014 4:22 PM GMT
In Islam, earning (or paying) interest is considered haraam, and it makes sense, given the countless lives ruined by usurious moneylenders. But it...

Is banking system ignoring where credit is due?

7 Jan 2014 1:37 AM GMT
When Mohammed Pervez, 25, wanted a small loan to buy a cartwheel and start his own small business of selling fruits, none of the 14 public-sector...

‘Rotary expects India to become fully literate by 2017’

4 Jan 2014 11:06 PM GMT
Till a few years ago, polio was not uncommon in India. But there has not been a single case of polio in the last three years, and India will be...

The silent discrimination

27 Dec 2013 11:00 PM GMT
1 April 2014 would usher in not only a new fiscal. It would also ring in a new dawn for nearly 2.40 million people infected with HIV/AIDS.Having been...

Waging war for wage hike

13 Dec 2013 11:32 PM GMT
When finance minister P Chidambaram met the top honchos of the 26 public sector banks (PSBs) for a quarterly performance review meeting in New Delhi...

Is the pen mightier than the gun?

2 Dec 2013 11:23 PM GMT
A bahubali (musclemen) once upon a time turned politician now, former member of parliament Pappu Yadav (officially Rajesh Ranjan) has now shown the...

‘There’s a bit of India fatigue in US’

28 Nov 2013 10:29 PM GMT
Sadanand Dhume, a resident fellow at the Washington-based conservative think-tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI), has co-authored a working...

UPA’s foreign policy swansong

26 Oct 2013 11:08 PM GMT
As he boarded the flight back to New Delhi after what could be his last foreign trip as the prime minister, Manmohan Singh could well be right if he...
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