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Ticket prices, pilot poaching on Min radar

Ticket prices, pilot poaching on Min radar
In fact, informal discussions have begun within the ministry on how to prevent this, he added.
The minister in an interaction said he had noticed prices ranging from Rs 599 to sometimes even Rs 25,000-30,000 and added that he was, “against both extremes and the prices needed to be monitored and standardised.”

“I feel there should be a limit which should be kept for fares, but then there are international guidelines on fares which we need to study. Airlines should not charge in extremes, this is gambling.
We have started an internal discussion on how to regulate prices,” he added. Sharma said he believed that a limit should be maintained so the fares do not vary in extreme figures.On the issue of poaching of pilots and cabin staff by airlines, due to staff shortage, Sharma said he wanted airlines to give an informal commitment against this.

He said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) could be asked to frame guidelines on this matter as it results in creating shortage of trained staff required for airlines. He said the ministry has faced the crisis of a shortage of pilots and trained airline staff and plans to look into the issue seriously.

The minister said even though according to the norms, a pilot has to serve a mandatory six-month notice period, when he quits but there are several instances when they join another airline without completely serving the stipulated notice period. “We are trying to find a solution for this problem and will be calling all airlines for a meeting on this. We might even formalise this commitment and if still needed, DGCA will be asked to frame guidelines on this matter,” Sharma said.
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