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The deadly kite revenge

The killer seems to have a childlike mind full of deadly pranks. The display of a corpse on the highest tower of the city makes his intentions crystal clear to all. 

Sending a shiver of deadly fear through the imagination of readers, making them clinch word by word for clues, who’s going to be next in his game? Will police bring an end to this string of Patang or will the death game keep going on? Is the mischievous killer looking for leisure or revenge in this never ending rain?

 No one has a clue until Chandrakant Rathore, an unsung genius private investigator steps in the scene just as this mystery goes beyond police’s control. Rathore, who always aids the forces with his sharp intellect and instinct for solving mysteries, never becomes the hero himself as his contributions always remain in shadows.

 This “Indian Sherlock Holmes” has a way with criminal minds and an urge to solve codes and puzzles of deeper knots.He has solved many famous crime mysteries like the professor which is his very own favourite. 

The author, Bhaskar Chattopadhyay, made sure readers would connect with Rathore and the killer on a different level and feel the thrill behind the action. Somehow, in the second half of the book, the narration felt a little redundant and stretch, as the characters suddenly developed additional details.

In the first half, Rathore does what is expected from him. He becomes successful in placing the killer behind bars. But even before he catches a breath and analyses his victory, loads of queries get thrashed upon him by the ‘Patang killer’. 

One visit to the prison hell, to meet his intellectual opponent, leaves him confused over the surety of his victory. The level of complexity takes a flight from this moment, Chattopadhyay leaves the readers in a turmoil, forcing to make good use of our abundant imagination.

 The second half is preserved with more challenges and plausible conclusions to allude upon. Chattopadhyay weaves a web of personalities to avoid a possible foresee to the conclusion. 

Media and the whole police department sneaking on their toes in belief that the killer now walks through bars who somewhere among the shadows is planning to hang another dead to a height for his game to continue.

Will Rathore put an end to this irrational delusion of all people? Or surrender to the unanswered questions in their minds? The answers of Chattopadhyay to all will surely amuse the readers. Chattopadhyay  has lived up successfully to the crime genre, sticking to the mystery alone and making the story pace at a high rate. 

The plots are well placed with numerous supportive characters to balance the realism.Murder mysteries have always marked the shelf of a keen reader, it is a genre persuaded by many which makes it difficult to outshine others. 

The author, with Patang has established a new style to his name other than his previous work of translations. Patang has a few impressive dialogues making it tailor fit to become the next Bollywood thriller.

Though somewhere in the second half things get a little hazy and the end may not be acceptable to many. Rest assured, it is worth a read.
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