Ten times the fun!

Ten times the fun!
Short and Sweet’s grand finale held at Kamani concluded with much fanfare as the final results of the this festival-cum-competition were announced. Spanning across four weekends in the Capital, organised by Shoelace productions this year, Short and Sweet dished out an eclectic mix of 10-minute plays.

Enthralling the audience with their mind-blowingly stupendous performance was Dickheads who also won in the best play category.

Vivek Kumar who also performed in it got the award for the best director.

Accompanied by splendidly slick performances Sum of your experiences, directed by Ishwar Shunya was a treat to watch. Varoon P. Anand who acted in it got the award for best actor.

A very interestingly collated play Unit Test directed by Tarun Singhal kept the audience hooked to the relentlessly hilarious act. Shirin  Sewani who performed the role of a teacher invigilating the unit test got awarded as the best actress.

The immensely popular and witty play accentuated with slick performances, Between Romeo and Juliet written by  Nicholas Kharkongor was awarded the best script prize.The energetic performance of 2922:The Ballad of Vedant Saafi by Pranay Manchanda won the award for the best play according to audience choice.With stunning performance by singer Harpreet Singh at the end and also a Singaporean band to set the fest rolling, it made sure the fest sailed smoothly. From festival director Deepak Dhamija the mantle for Short and Sweet for next year has been passed on to Sohaila Kapoor and Prasant Sehgal.

Other plays which made it to the final round apart from the ones mentioned earlier include Lyra, Gandhi, Chaplin and Salt, A Different Client, Chairpersons and Dhalti Shamein.
Tania Ameer

Tania Ameer

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