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Daniel Craig on verge of two Bond movies

7 Aug 2017 6:52 AM GMT
Actor Daniel Craig is signing up for two more James Bond movies. The 49-year-old is set to make his fifth and sixth appearances as the famous...

Penelope Cruz to play next Bond girl

4 Jun 2013 8:04 PM GMT
Actress Penelope Cruz is reportedly set to play the Bond girl in the next edition of ‘James Bond’ franchise.The actress, who is expecting her second...

Pattinson the new 007?

11 July 2012 3:56 AM GMT
Actor Robert Pattinson wants to play Ian Fleming’s iconic spy James Bond, but thinks it will take him two more decades to fit into the role. ‘Yeah, I...

007 and Bond girls ‘on show’

7 July 2012 11:57 PM GMT
A new exhibition exploring the famous James Bond theme opens in London to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most influential silver screen...

A tech tool for James Bond

13 Jun 2012 1:10 AM GMT
Even James Bond would crave for this! In a new technology, a clever piece of software lets you carry your personal computer inside a pocket, use it on ...

Agent 'Provocateur' Bond for a Nov landing

23 May 2012 2:54 AM GMT
With a trailer that starts with staccato questions that Bond gets bombarded with — Skyfall could possibly be the best Bond film. Well, possibly. The 23...

Bond arrives in Istanbul

1 May 2012 8:50 PM GMT
When the name is Bond, yes, James Bond, the city of Istanbul can't be far away from your mind. This picturesque capital of Turkey had earlier featured ...
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