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Germany moves to crack down on fake news

2 April 2017 6:45 AM GMT
Simon Hegelich, professor of political science at the Technical University of Munich and who was asked by Merkel to brief the CDU executive committee on the fake news movement, told Xinhua news agency that fake news became high priority for German politicians after the US elections.

Romney clinches Republican nomination

31 May 2012 1:15 AM GMT
Mitt Romney on Wednesday clinched the Republican nomination, winning the Texas primary and securing enough delegates to cross the bench mark of 1,144...

Will gay support cost Obama his post?

15 May 2012 6:32 AM GMT
Since Barack Obama ‘came out of the closet’ on the issue of same-sex marriage, the spotlight has turned not so much on one of the most contentious...

Obama says it's time for business

12 May 2012 7:09 AM GMT
Claiming that the US economy is getting stronger, President Barack Obama has said it is time that businesses move back their manufacturing from China, ...

Himalayan spread awaits Barack Obama

10 May 2012 5:25 AM GMT
A Himalayan spread awaits President Barack Obama, who is already a convert to Indian food, on 14 May in New York City, as he prepares to launch his...

Obama starts campaign with Romney bashing

7 May 2012 4:05 AM GMT
Pledging to take the economy forward, President Barack Obama launched his re-election bid with back-to-back rallies in key swing states of Ohio and...

Gingrich bows out of US presidential race

4 May 2012 5:38 AM GMT
With just two victories under his belt in Republican primaries, former House speaker Newt Gingrich finally called it quits, a little less than a year...

Kill Osama? 'Of course': Romney

1 May 2012 2:19 PM GMT
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney today rejected allegations of the Obama Campaign, saying he would have given the order to kill al-Qaeda ...

Won't run as Romney's vice presidential candidate: Jindal

28 April 2012 1:44 PM GMT
After Nikki Haley, the second Indian-American Governor Bobby Jindal has said he won't be running for US Vice Presidentship as a running mate of the...
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