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New Snapchat Update: Bridging distances or creating

7 July 2017 1:15 PM GMT
What you need to know about the new Snapchat update.

Poverty is real, acknowledge it

24 April 2017 4:07 PM GMT
It needs to be understood that the growing number of billionaires and the expanding urban middle class in the country do not in any way prove that India has been able to combat poverty. On the contrary, these are signs of flaws in redistribution of income and expose the prevalent economic inequality in the country

Facebook is for all: Zuckerberg takes a jab at Snapchat

19 April 2017 6:21 AM GMT
In an apparent reaction to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel's purported disinterest in expanding business to 'poor countries' like India, Facebook CEO Mark...

Snapchat denies CEO's 'India is a poor country' remark

16 April 2017 3:00 PM GMT
According to the app info on App Store, the "Customer Ratings" of the current version of the app was "single star" (based on 6,099 ratings) and all versions rating was "one and half star" (based on 9,527 ratings) as on Sunday morning.

Now Facebook gets 'Stories' feature

29 March 2017 6:29 AM GMT
Users can also share these posts to News Feed of individual friends through the new 'Facebook Direct' private visual messages that disappear after some time.
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