Millennium Post

Will Shiva be the new hash tag?

5 May 2012 3:16 PM GMT
Amish’s Shiva is a ‘dude’ - a word that the author says a reader once used to describe the God. He is gorgeous, he romantic, he is a warrior and a...

Redefining ‘missionary position’

5 May 2012 3:08 PM GMT
At 9.30 in the morning, silence could be sliced at the sprawling Jawaharlal Nehru University [JNU] campus, even on a weekday. As you wait in the thick ...

Signs of the times

3 May 2012 11:06 PM GMT
The good news is that chai is getting the recognition it deserves. Anyway, for years I’ve sipped tea on all possible occasions and at all possible plac...
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