Millennium Post

The man who knew infinity

26 Dec 2017 3:32 PM GMT
The formulas that Ramanujan had put in his last notebooks could not have resulted from pure computations as the methods for that were worked out only in the late 1970s and 1980s

From the world to worlds

1 March 2017 3:49 PM GMT
Orbits of TRAPPIST-1’s seven plant system are compact,yet they are not roasted wastelands like Mercury.

Pb, Haryana farmers ignore ban on stubble burning

20 Oct 2016 10:35 PM GMT
Ignoring warnings by state authorities on burning paddy stubble, many farmers in Haryana and Punjab are still continuing the banned practice, leading...

One year of Astrosat

1 Oct 2016 11:38 PM GMT
Within nine hours of operation, India’s first space telescope, Astrosat, provided a deep insight into a black hole mystery puzzling astronomers for...

Unlocking our universe, step by step

12 March 2016 8:16 PM GMT
In a tribute to Albert Einstein’s prediction of gravitational waves in 1916, scientists have finally detected the mysterious waves a century later,...

Mystery deepens after New Horizons’ encounter

23 July 2015 10:30 PM GMT
Bernard Shaw’s witticism, “Science never solves a problem without creating ten more” is compelling in the light of New Horizons’ Pluto flyby. With...
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