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Supernatural and fantasy underscores

Supernatural  and fantasy underscores
Short stories have secured a place in our hearts for being interesting, daunting, mind boggling and tricky over the years. The art of writing short stories is very different from that of novels, and this fact has been proven again and again. Shadows of Truth by Prashant Solomon is no match to meet the aforementioned idea on short stories. 

With fourteen short stories exploring the supernatural, sweet relationships, the paranormal, time capsules and aliens, Solomon has infused explored stories from several angles in his book. Sweet little tales of wonder would encourage children to think more and be creative. Stories like the ones in Shadows of Truth are good for children to boost their imagination and writing skills. With short and simple sentences, the author expresses the moods of the stories very well.

As a collection of short stories, the book has variety, but it is in continuous want for a convincing plots and gripping storylines. Even though the author tries to explore different genres, he does not succeed in engaging the reader’s attention for long or make him/her ask for more. In a story about a UFO, the author sticks to the typical thoughts and images of a UFO which have been developed by Hollywood and then carried forward by other film industries in the world. If only he could tip the scales in favour of imagination in his stories, the result would have been far better. An unsatisfactory feeling prevails as one finishes the book even though the stories are structurally correct and good.

In his attempt to keep the language of the stories lucid, the author has made the book fit for school children aged between 7–12 years. For adults who may enjoy reading children’s books, Solomon’s writing style will be disappointing. People with a sense of wonder will be able to connect to the stories and appreciate Solomon’s thoughts. But the loosely woven and predictable plots may kill the excitement that develops in the beginning as one proceeds with the stories.

As an author of children’s books, Solomon has created exquisite stories to help his readers believe in magic and in the freedom of mind. The tale of a young woman’s faith in the almighty that saves her life, will renew your faith in God; while the story that proceeds with a budding grandparent–grandson relationship will make you ponder the plight of lonely old people. The beauty of a galaxy rise has been magnificently described through the eyes of an admirer residing in an alien planet. 

Even though the book is a good amusement for primary school goers, it will not be much of a delight to the age group beyond 12 years.
Lahari Basu

Lahari Basu

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