Millennium Post

Reinventing growth

19 Aug 2022 5:54 PM GMT
Future actions of all countries must accept the reality of climate equity and use it to drive economic development

Water wisdom

29 July 2022 4:15 PM GMT
The country has learnt critical water lessons through the years — now is the time to put it to practice

Inured to catastrophes?

19 July 2022 4:19 PM GMT
Rather than number of natural disasters, we should track losses and damages

Make or break moment

30 Jun 2022 4:35 PM GMT
Plastic items difficult to collect or recycle should be eliminated from use. This is where the current ban, however limited, fits in

Reset to restore

15 Jun 2022 1:58 PM GMT
As the world meets to discuss the next decade of biodiversity conservation, lessons from the past will be critical

Stockholm syndrome

2 Jun 2022 2:54 PM GMT
The 50th anniversary celebration of the Stockholm conference should be about our common future, not the divisions of the past

A nasty retreat

10 May 2022 1:31 PM GMT
Insecurity in the supply of basic materials, from energy to food, is making countries shun global interdependence and shut doors

Fixing the system

18 April 2022 2:49 PM GMT
We cannot manage our rivers sustainably unless we fix our waste management practices because both aspects will be intricately linked in the future

Not for rich countries

29 March 2022 1:37 PM GMT
Having already appropriated their share of carbon budget, industrialised nations need to desist from investing in LNG, and rather move towards...

At the crossroads

15 March 2022 1:02 PM GMT
The ongoing energy conundrum has put the world in a position from where it can choose between fossil fuels and greener alternatives

Chasing the mirage

8 March 2022 12:59 PM GMT
Much of the discourse around tackling climate change is directed towards convenient solutions that may not even exist

Gone AWOL?

1 March 2022 2:42 PM GMT
Large areas of forest are missing from India’s latest green cover assessment. Does this land exist? Is it encroached upon? Or is it just degraded?
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