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North-East: Another Kashmir

9 March 2019 6:21 PM GMT
Unless people themselves realise that victims of the 1947 partition are not ‘termites’, India’s North-East runs the risk of becoming a war zone – much like Kashmir


23 Feb 2019 3:37 PM GMT
Growing up in a world plagued by inequalities and violence, adolescents today are most vulnerable to crippling mental health illnesses

Biswa-Bangla goes global

16 Feb 2019 4:00 PM GMT
The fifth edition of Bengal Global Business Summit attracted business tycoons from across the country and globe, reminding audiences once again that Bengal means business

Big Brother Is Watching You

9 Feb 2019 3:52 PM GMT
The Union government notification allowing extensive State surveillance of personal information is a black patch on the promises of equality, privacy and freedom

Right to dissent

2 Feb 2019 1:47 PM GMT
Sedition, despite its primitivity, continues to find its place in the Indian Constitution – largely because it has been the trusted weapon of those in power to silence difficult critics

Darker stories of the fairer sex

26 Jan 2019 1:00 PM GMT
Slogans like ‘Beti Bachao’ and ‘New India’ seem rhetorical, at least in Haryana, where gruesome sexual offences have cast a dark shadow on promises of progress and equality in society.

Reduced to ashes

19 Jan 2019 4:05 PM GMT
Fire outbreaks in India's most-developed metropolises have claimed several lives and destroyed property worth millions – all due to inadequate urban planning

Secularism Annihilated

12 Jan 2019 2:34 PM GMT
A classic Indian conundrum debating the binaries of religion and rationality, the Sabarimala conflict has revealed the essential bigotry pervasive across our population

Food for whom?

5 Jan 2019 4:06 PM GMT
Though India’s mid-day meal scheme extends ambitious goals, its implementation, over the years, has been fraught with challenges in maintaining quality, hygiene and health

INDIA @ 2018 

29 Dec 2018 3:13 PM GMT
As another year of action and inaction draws to an end, we revisit the most-gripping headlines that shaped India’s calendar year — from the emphatic strike down of Section 377 to the pitiable Kathua rape — the journey has escalated through defined contours of pride and shame

BUSTED: Uncovering illicit drug networks

22 Dec 2018 3:29 PM GMT
Selling illicit drugs, transporting narcotics and peddling psychedelics has grown as an exciting avenue for traffickers to hoodwink enforcement agencies and make several lakhs by dragging vulnerable youth into a web of dangerous addiction

Rethinking juvenile Delinquency

15 Dec 2018 2:32 PM GMT
Despite several theoretical modifications in law, juvenile justice in India continues to be shackled by an inadequate understanding of rehabilitation and reformation as against mere retribution
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