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A Decade of White Collar Predicament

2018-07-28 16:04:00.0
The last decade has witnessed a meteoric rise in white collar crimes – bank frauds leading the list. With India's evident vulnerability to fraudulence, the way ahead will demand robust policy decisions.


2018-07-21 14:18:29.0
Post-truth represents a situation when facts take a backseat and, emotional appeals and personal beliefs begin shaping public opinion. Post-truth...


2018-07-14 14:24:18.0
Escaping paradigms of rationality, the mysterious death of 11 family members in New Delhi’s Burari has shaken the country. Nevertheless, the trend of mass deaths, cult suicides and a delusioned belief in the supernatural is pervasive through modern society with cases being reported from across continents.

Shale in India: A Shot in the DARK

2018-07-07 15:52:11.0
With the global economy tussling over access to precious oil resources – India with its burgeoning population faces an uphill task of acquiring requisite resources, filling gaps in technology and also maintaining its balance of payments.

Delhi's Seismic Landfills

2018-06-30 13:22:59.0
Overutilised, exploding at their seams and perennially producing deadly infection – Delhi’s landfills are a curse to the residents in its periphery and ultimately spell doom for the capital of our country.

Nipah Virus Tryst with Destiny

2018-06-23 15:34:17.0
The Nipah scare in coastal Kerala was yet another reminder of how our generation’s most perilous nemesis maybe miniscule but never short of menacing, explores Abhinav Singh.

Your OTP is not safe

2018-06-16 14:12:16.0
In the digital world, protected passwords are quickly becoming another way for cheats to access bank accounts and perform illegal transactions, often to the tune of several lakhs per day, explores Abhay Singh.

Lost Yamuna Floodplains: Yearning & Survival

2018-06-09 14:03:19.0
Victim to the whims of lopsided commercial prosperity, the farmers of Delhi's Yamuna floodplains have been isolated, bereft of livelihood, homes and ultimately, happiness – as usual, authorities are yet to bat an eyelid, explores Sayantan Ghosh.

The Unsafe Sex: Violence Against Women in India

2018-06-02 15:56:04.0
In 2012, India was shaken by the horrific rape of Nirbhaya – it seemed as if society had at last taken cognizance of women’s safety. However, in 2018, we continue to fight the same evils, which have shown no signs of containment despite the roars of agitation, explores Madhupriti Mitra.

Time for Action

2018-05-26 14:30:53.0
Despite several norms castigating rash driving, road accidents continue to plague modern India as unprecedented crashes burn down vehicles and abruptly end innocent lives, writes Piyush Ohrie.


2018-05-19 13:41:33.0
In a bid to make a quick buck, gambling has been swiftly embraced. Nevertheless, these illegal rackets run by crooks ultimately destroy the poor who are unaware of its pitfalls, explores Abhay Singh.


2018-05-12 13:10:56.0
The recent attacks and subsequent murder of cash van custodians, sheds light on the impending exigency in providing a safe haven to the innocent, whose duty brings them in dangerous proximity to violence, writes Zafar Abbas.


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