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Pork Loin Roast with Sweet Potatoes

30 Nov 2019 2:56 PM GMT
Ingredients Chinese five-spice powder 1/4 tsp Pork Loin Roast 100 g Sweet Potatoes (bite-size pieces) 2 medium Brown Sugar 1/2 cup Butter 3...

Island of the Gods - Bali

30 Nov 2019 2:53 PM GMT
With an abundance gift of natural beauty, Bali is known for its alluring arts which includes traditional and modern dance forms, its splendid sculptures, flashy paintings, excellent leather, beautiful metalwork and amazing music

Father of Indian symphony orchestra - Timir Baran

30 Nov 2019 2:28 PM GMT
A talented composer who is now forgotten and is unknown to the present generation, Timir Baran, brought Indian movie music out of the influence of theatre and enabled it to acquire its own distinct identity

Imagining a climate-resilient India

30 Nov 2019 2:23 PM GMT
Climate change is real and India’s vulnerability is all too evident. In discussion with Radhika Dutt, Dr Madhavan Nair Rajeevan, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, delves into India’s vision of becoming a climate-resilient, sustainable economy

Hostage to Hostiles

23 Nov 2019 2:22 PM GMT
The 1960s was not the last time goods of political provenance became money-spinners in the USA. Some 10–15 years ago, the Bedouin keffiyeh was a...

What's Next?

23 Nov 2019 2:17 PM GMT
With the winter months approaching and the odd-even scheme having been lifted, the uncertainty over solutions to Delhi’s air quality and the road ahead to deal with pollution remains quite obscure

The overlooked composer: Sardar Malik

23 Nov 2019 1:45 PM GMT
Apart from 600 compositions to his credit, Sardar Malik was a trained choreographer in Kathakali, Manipuri and Bharatnatyam – including ballet and yoga at Uday Shankar’s institute

Seared red tuna with marinated capsicum and tuna sauce

23 Nov 2019 1:40 PM GMT
Ingredients Tuna Loin (cut in rectangular fillet) 100 g Black Pepper ½ tbsp Tuna in brine 50 g Anchovy 1 fillet Capers ½ tbsp Mayonnaise 4...

Coffee & Chocolate Granite

23 Nov 2019 1:40 PM GMT
Ingredients Milk 1 cup Cream 1 cup Yolk 1 egg Egg 1 Sugar 6 tbsp Dark Chocolate (melted) 50 g Gelatin Foil 1 Espresso 1 shot Single...

Cradle of the Renaissance: Florence

23 Nov 2019 1:39 PM GMT
Located in the heart of stunning Tuscany region, the city is surrounded by natural and manmade beauty at every turn – offering a journey of discovery and enlightenment as well as a feast for our senses

Welfare-ensuring laws

23 Nov 2019 1:11 PM GMT
While laws may not evoke compassion that a person feels for innocent and mute creatures, they can be a deterrent for offenders any time they come close to harming animals

Working things out

23 Nov 2019 1:11 PM GMT
Though resolving issues can be hard, it is better than trashing a relationship or friendship – but sometimes we just need to move on
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