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Celebrations in a distant land

17 Sep 2022 7:56 PM GMT
While some are craving for a return to home, others among the Bengali-speaking community in the United States are recreating and reliving the charm of...

Fading foothold

17 Sep 2022 7:52 PM GMT
Queen’s demise amid tumultuous politico-economic situation in the UK may loosen the country’s grip of soft power over Commonwealth nations

Made in paradise

10 Sep 2022 9:06 PM GMT
Introduced in 14th-century Kashmir and popularised during the Mughal period, the Sozani craft is a fine needlework that has now emerged as an...

Bright spot amid ruins

10 Sep 2022 9:03 PM GMT
Rohit Sharma’s lacklustre captaincy and form of several players in the Asia Cup is indeed worrying for Indian cricket

World Suicide Prevention Awareness Day: Talk suicides

10 Sep 2022 9:01 PM GMT
Going by this year’s theme — ‘creating hope through action’ — there is a need to weed out multifaceted stigmas around suicide and normalise...

Missing conviviality?

10 Sep 2022 8:51 PM GMT
With greater warmth from the Indian government and involvement of West Bengal and Northeastern states, Indo-Bangladesh relations can be leveraged to...

The 'other' Queen

10 Sep 2022 8:48 PM GMT
As the world watches the rituals, mourning and unspooling of ceremonies surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s demise, little is known about the role of the...

Usher in good governance

3 Sep 2022 7:54 PM GMT
Rather than crying hoarse over entanglement of mutually inseparable sports and politics in India, there is an urge to stem the deeper rot —...


3 Sep 2022 7:51 PM GMT
For trivial reasons, even inane and naive, global authorities often disrupt Internet services in parts of their nation. Does this achieve anything at...

Futile depredation

3 Sep 2022 6:12 PM GMT
In a resource-poor country like India, environment-conscious, democratic and rational alternatives need to be prioritised over costly demolitions that...

Wonder out of wood

3 Sep 2022 6:04 PM GMT
Bastar wood craft, traditionally used as a memorial art, has acquired functional attributes and serves as an important source of livelihood

On an empowering mission

3 Sep 2022 6:00 PM GMT
Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa programme is part of an exemplary mission to facilitate holistic education and nutrition for underprivileged children to...
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