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Sumit Mitra

Sumit Mitra

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A dream resting on rotten stilts

6 July 2012 12:39 PM GMT
To describe the state of affairs in India, no expression can be more appropriate than the term 'psephocracy', coined by sociologist Ashis Nandy. It...

In the age of a vast swindle

29 Jun 2012 12:45 AM GMT
Every age has its trademark way of making big bucks on the side. In the Indira Gandhi years, it was smuggling of practically everything, thanks to...

Indian fat cats and the buddy system

22 Jun 2012 3:43 AM GMT
It is indeed typical of India, where even the most profligate of men chant verses of the Gita as a morning ritual, to have got its top businessmen to...

The spy who talked about his craft

23 May 2012 3:08 AM GMT
Intelligence officers are usually drab people not much given to disclosing secrets in public, least of all big-time secrets involving the nation’s...

The (un)importance of being Hillary

17 May 2012 2:03 AM GMT
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has reached a stage in her career when one says auf wiedersehen and moves on. She has declared that...

Paper-Tiger on Raisina Hill

9 May 2012 4:11 AM GMT
Is it Pranab Mukherjee, the Congress 'troubleshooter'? Or Hamid Ansari, the closet Leftist? Or a mystery name, a card held so close to the chest by...

The Great Indian Rote Trick

2 May 2012 10:07 AM GMT
It came as an unexpected relief, like a cool thundershower at the end of a searing day. On a recent Sunday evening, as I was ready to watch a much...
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