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Sugato Hazra

Sugato Hazra

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Where forgery wins

16 Feb 2018 1:52 PM GMT
Repeated scams in the banks of our country highlight how our system is essentially flawed

Lies, statistics and Twitter

8 Feb 2018 2:47 PM GMT
The glamorous world of social media is, in fact, crowded by non-human elements posing with a human profile

Violence stops development

25 Jan 2018 3:22 PM GMT
There is a rich body of literature analysing a variety of relationships between employment, unemployment, and violence.

Checking corrupt practices

8 Jan 2018 3:00 PM GMT
Sadly, words do not match the actions on the ground.

Is it too early?

29 Dec 2017 3:15 PM GMT
The worry over fiscal deficit may be presumptuous

Communication is the key

20 Dec 2017 3:58 PM GMT
Interaction and dialogue are the soul of good governance

Banishing fraudulent roots

30 Nov 2017 3:37 PM GMT
Cleaning up the Augean stable of bank books, Narendra Modi may emerge as the modern-day Hercules.

Patriarchy and misogyny go together

17 Oct 2017 4:06 PM GMT
What tragedy for us that this evil must become a part of the heritage, the curse we hand over.

Raghuram Rajan: In retrospect

18 Sep 2017 4:03 PM GMT
Raghuram Rajan has a streak of self-righteousness. But to be fair to the Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago, there are good reasons...

Badaun, Modi’s biggest challenge

1 Jun 2014 4:05 PM GMT
An exasperated and completely out of clue Akhilesh Yadav, the Uttar Pradesh chief minister, told journalists that if they were feeling secured why...

Victory with click of the mouse

28 May 2014 5:09 PM GMT
‘Narendra Modi to be India’s first social media prime minister’ concluded the Financial Times. The newspaper cited tweet of Narendra Modi ‘India has...

Good break from Congressism

19 May 2014 11:03 PM GMT
On 16 May 2014, darkness descended on India. For many, most of them liberal, left leaning, champions of Nehruvian secularism saw the dying light of...
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