More carrot, less stick

19 April 2020 5:37 PM GMT
Educating the ignorant on the dangers of the virus and the efforts undertaken to combat it is the responsibility of all ‘opinion leaders’ in society

A watershed moment

11 April 2020 3:04 PM GMT
The brutal impact of COVID-19 on our interconnected globalised systems and the subsequent failures in response will likely force a complete rethink of...

A chance to do-over

29 March 2020 3:30 PM GMT
The economic shakedown caused by COVID-19 must force a rethink of the entire underlying model of global economics and growth for the post-Corona

Failure of a nation

1 March 2020 3:02 PM GMT
Outbreak of the Delhi riots highlighted the incompetency of various agencies that are meant to safeguard the lives and property of citizens

A strategic play

24 Feb 2020 3:14 PM GMT
Trump’s visit to India must be seen as part of a larger effort by Prime Minister Modi to inculcate a personal relationship with the American leader

Worth the debate?

19 Feb 2020 3:27 PM GMT
Trivial debates on potential feuds between historical personalities detract from substantial discussions of deep-rooted issues concerning...


7 Feb 2020 3:15 PM GMT
Incendiary rhetoric and sarcasm can be valuable political tools if used carefully

Data mining: boon or bane?

17 Sep 2019 4:52 PM GMT
Digital age has made data science an important tool – allowing corporations to reap immense benefits while simultaneously infringing individual...

Cost of economic overhaul

11 Sep 2019 3:07 PM GMT
The economy is faced with hiccups created by the government’s attempt to introduce a rule-based economic system in a rent-seeking semi-feudal...

A mood of gloom

4 Sep 2019 5:01 PM GMT
The transition led by right-wing has impinged a grim mood in economies which were cradles of western liberal philosophy

Dividing Digitally

12 Feb 2019 3:15 PM GMT
The world has seen the rise of many social media coaches to help politicians and political parties. Mayawati is just a late entrant

Insensitive gender sensitivity

30 Jan 2019 1:43 PM GMT
In truth, gender sensitivity is crippled by distinctions in class, appearance and sophistication – if high-born, you are more equal than others
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