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Such is life

K  S Sachidananda Murthy
Life gives everyone unique challenges. However some see challenges and circumstance as burdens while others see the same kind of challenges as opportunities.
Each one of us develop our own codes full of lessons, enthusiasms, to-do-lists, cautions and red lines  to cope with everyday issues as well as rare ones. Family life, health, education, livelihood, responsibilities, wealth creation and management, community contributions – all demand their own mantras.
Many people use these insights to meet various challenges in life, and wherever necessary share them with near and dear ones. The principles and strategies are perhaps narrated one by one, depending on the demands of a particular moment. Not all the mantras which evolve during a lifetime of experiences are imparted. 
But there are few from all professions and backgrounds, who look at the common threads of experience and universalise their own learnings. It is based on their own intuition, thinking and analysis which helps to extrapolate these insights onto one large canvas.

About the author: Dr. Gautam  Chattopadhyay is one such thinker. During the quarter century of our acquaintance, I have known him share his deep thoughts on living life positively. He has traversed many a dusty road. He has enjoyed meeting hundreds of people and learning about their themes, triumphs, tensions and tribulations. They have shared anecdotes on how failures are confronted and successes are celebrated. He has been focused on issues of physical and mental equilibrium in individuals, and how these are positively as well as negatively impacted.

His cogiation of these issues has now resulted in this very valuable book – Positive Mantra. He has aptly defined these mantras as the Art of Thinking and science of living, and as redefining Self management. It is a book which can influence the reader’s attitude and concepts in a proactive and positive way.

The author is Resident Editor, Malayalam Manorama & The week.


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