Millennium Post

Sikkim: Stairway to Heaven

23 Feb 2019 3:15 PM GMT
Sitting at the lap of the mighty Himalayas, Sikkim is a wonderland blessed with snow-clad peaks, rugged mountain roads, lush alpine meadows and warm...

Yachting Extravagance: Ripples of Luxury in Waters

29 Dec 2018 2:54 PM GMT
Popular as the playground for the rich and famous, yachting holidays are gaining quick global popularity for their array of options and whiff of...

Mykonos Majestic, Marvellous and Madly Memorable

13 Jan 2018 2:06 PM GMT
A leisurely stroll through Hora is by far the most beautiful part of Mykonos and is replete with ancient windmills, elegant whitewashed residences and...
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