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Spiritual awakening

According to him, economic and technical revolution could not enhance our spiritual values. Rather we remain dissatisfied with whatever possession we have. There is an unending race for material pursuits. The human values are deteriorating and human peace and happiness vanishing.

Human beings are different from each other unlike animals and plants. They have freedom of choice. Man is blessed with mind, intelligence and ego which other sub-human beings do not possess, but are guided by natural instincts.

 Man has freedom of choice, can act in any fashion he likes, and is free to use his senses whereas sub-human beings are bounded by instinct. 

They cannot go against natural instincts; have no ambitions, desires etc. The author explains widely how a human being is human because he has the organic capacity to seek knowledge. 

“Man can imagine to any extent and has progressed in all directions. There is no change in sub-human beings. On the other hand man indulges in many inhuman acts i.e. terrorist activities, fights, warfare and can kill innocent persons without any reason. 

Man can also give life to miserable and destitute. Human acts are immense, can consume anything, can think in different ways. There is uniformity in animals bound by their natural habits. There is diversity in men’s habits.

 Therefore man possesses creative power in all fields, and animals did not progress even an inch. Human system possesses sensory system, nervous system and brain. There is tremendous energy in their functioning. We have to guide these energies to higher purpose. With balance of mind, intelligence, discriminative power (Viveka) and clear thinking, the life becomes fruitful.”

The book also talks about how one has to harness manpower in the right direction otherwise it would be harmful to mankind as it happened during wars, terrorists activities, theft, killing millions by dropping atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and tragic bloodshed consequent to the partition of India etc. Human history is filled with such occurrences. Animal cannot involve in such activities. 

Men do not live alone and is a social being. He has family and attachments and share difficulties and comforts with them. Despite changes in social and economic conditions family in human life plays a crucial role.

In primitive age, the role of money was only for exchange of goods and services. Now money has become indispensable. Money in any form, whether it is metallic coins, paper currency or banking transactions has become the part and parcel of our life. 

The exchange of goods and services for which it came into existence is of least importance. Priority is to earn by any means and spend as much as possible. 

Nowadays, money, in any form, can be kept in any amount and with better security. With the invoking of banking system almost all financial transactions are routed through this system. Money is transferred electronically. All these developments have influenced our lives in many ways. 

It has made us greedy because we can save as much as possible. It was restricted to present needs. The use of metallic coins made it possible to save. Paper currency and banking system have multiplied its importance in our economic and social lives. 

The idea that the author wishes to promulgate, which makes this book a must read for people who like to have spiritual literature on their book shelves.
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