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Soundtrack of silence...

Shriram Iyer, a Melbourne settled Indian singer-author’s Wings of Silence is defintely not silent; His tale of a marathon runner is accompanied by a soundtrack, even. Shriram Iyer on his book...

How did you get the idea?

Frankly speaking, it was just a thought which flashed in my mind. I told my wife that a good movie can be made on the idea. But she then suggested me to write a book and so I did.

Any specific style you follow in your writing?

My main aim is that my readers get engaged with the book. They should understand the concept and capture the message.

Which is your favourite part in the book?

I like the dynamic relationship between the siblings.

Any specific reason behind naming the characters?

Yes, I wanted to give the character a special name and so i named it Raj, which also means glory, which the character achieves in the last.

Any real life facts used?

I have tried to make it realistic but after all its only a fiction.

How did you carry out the research work?

I spoke to many Olmypians including Robert De Castella, a famous marathon runner, to understand the problems faced by a marathon runner. I also spoke to many deaf children to understand challenges faced by them in life.

Reason behind launching the sound track with the book?

Music is my passion. I wanted to relate the story with a soundtrack. I also think that people can feel music which will also help them understand the story.    
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