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Undermining Montreal Protocol

11 Oct 2018 2:03 PM GMT
To save on the higher cost of alternatives, Chinese foam manufacturers are using banned CFCs which are more potent than CO2 in causing global warming

Monsoon '18: Destructive, not distributive

28 Aug 2018 4:00 PM GMT
While floods during monsoon killed 1,310 people and affected 7.5 million, 40 per cent Indian districts still face drought

The shooting star

15 March 2018 3:57 PM GMT
Credited with path-breaking scientific discovery while bringing the cosmos to the coffee table, Stephen Hawking create a thread of commonality between ...

Resolving 'Karakoram Anomaly'

26 Feb 2018 3:48 PM GMT
Scientists say the reason behind the Karakoram Range’s glaciers not being affected by climate change could be intensification of irrigation activity...

Racing against rains

9 Jan 2018 3:39 PM GMT
Erratic distribution of northeast monsoon rains most evident in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and the Deccan regions raises doubts over Rabi crops...

Potential of Spiti Valley's wild fruit

27 Dec 2017 3:42 PM GMT
In the past two decades, sea-buckthorn collection has increased 20 times in the valley. Can a pan-Indian market unleash the full potential of this...

How will 1,000 GW target be met?

15 Nov 2017 4:06 PM GMT
On December 6, the International Solar Alliance will be legalised for mobilising finance to meet global ambitions of energy access and climate action.

Sustainable mining rights & Goan villagers

21 Sep 2017 3:44 PM GMT
Residents of Caurem, a tribal village, have always been at the forefront of anti-mining demonstrations. Now they have a society of 300 members.

What sort of monsoon will we experience?

24 April 2017 4:00 PM GMT
As El Nino probability increases, uncertainty looms over Indian monsoon. Earlier this month, IMD predicted a normal monsoon based on a low probability ...

Why the recent surge in earthquakes?

10 Feb 2017 4:19 PM GMT
The last two months of 2016 proved to be a busy period for seismologists. In November, scientists found out that the abyss under the Pacific Ocean...

Precious corals bleached to death

20 Oct 2016 8:24 PM GMT
The good news is that the current El Niño, a warm ocean current that drove temperatures up worldwide, is finally on its way out. But the bad news is...

At the risk of dissipation?

8 Sep 2016 10:28 PM GMT
Powered by winds, clouds have been circulating around the globe like magic carpets carrying weather on their back. Understanding them not only holds...
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