Millennium Post

Removing the wedge

16 March 2020 3:25 PM GMT
Iran’s increasingly antagonistic rhetoric against India, spurred on by direct or indirect Pakistani interference, must be countered with all available diplomatic options

An 'opportune' revelation

9 March 2020 2:46 PM GMT
New testimony given by Zia-ul-Haq’s son implicating India and Israel in his father’s unexplained demise raises many questions about the timing of his allegations

Sincere endeavours

3 March 2020 4:22 PM GMT
Despite varied minor hiccups, the Indo-Bangladesh relation is one that needs to be fostered and matured for mutual geopolitical and economic gains

Litany of failures

24 Feb 2020 3:08 PM GMT
Pakistan’s continued greylisting by FATF is certain to push the already cornered nation into further acts of desperation and hypocrisy

Taking potshots

18 Feb 2020 4:25 PM GMT
Remarks made during Turkish President Erdogan’s recent visit to Pakistan indicate a deliberate escalation in rhetoric against India

Standing vigilant

10 Feb 2020 3:08 PM GMT
Anniversary of Pulwama attacks must be an occasion to assess India's holistic security with regards to the continuing threats from the Pakistani establishment

A diplomacy in flux

3 Feb 2020 3:30 PM GMT
Iran’s changing stance towards India likely emanates from its changing global priorities and the ever-increasing strength of Indo-US relations

A frustated State

28 Jan 2020 3:26 PM GMT
Pakistan’s attempts to rehabilitate its international image continue in desperation

Tacit disapproval

20 Jan 2020 2:43 PM GMT
Bangladeshi PM Hasina’s comments on CAA and NRC reflect a measured response by her government, aimed at dispelling perceptions of minority mistreatment in her country

Defeaning silence

14 Jan 2020 3:03 PM GMT
Condemnatory actions taken against Mohammad Hanif’s satirical account of Zia-ul-Haq’s military rule is the latest restriction against the freedom of expression in Pakistan

Silence before the storm

5 Jan 2020 4:46 PM GMT
The targeted assassination of General Soleimani by US has far-reaching consequences going beyond the Middle East, involving even India in its ambit of chaos

Lingering terror

31 Dec 2019 4:52 PM GMT
With unabated attacks throughout 2019, terror modules continue to pose a grave threat to the peaceful world order necessitating stringent and coordinated countermeasures
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