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Unabated criticism

21 March 2021 1:54 PM GMT
Pakistan government should engage with critics to find progressive solutions instead of stifling EC and putting a veil on its failures

Is the plate full?

14 March 2021 5:16 PM GMT
The alleged irregularities in Senate elections and continued international pressure against Pakistan show the country has reached the brink of corruption and political instability

In tough times

7 March 2021 5:20 PM GMT
India’s support to Bangladesh in a turbulent situation when internal and extraneous forces are collaborating to discredit the government is a significant gesture

Not this time

28 Feb 2021 5:42 PM GMT
Tatmadaw faces strong resistance amidst international sanctions and protestors’ unwillingness to knuckle down under its repressive measures


21 Feb 2021 6:04 PM GMT
Pakistan should learn from setbacks, quit bashing India and opt the path of growth

Unholy nexus

14 Feb 2021 3:20 PM GMT
Imran Khan’s Colombo visit against the backdrop of strengthening ties between China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka needs to be closely watched

A conspiracy?

7 Feb 2021 5:31 PM GMT
Al Jazeera scoop requires thorough investigation; it has inflicted heavy damage to Bangladesh Government’s reputation

A stumbling block

31 Jan 2021 5:20 PM GMT
Pakistan’s effort to befriend the US takes a hit in wake of mishandling the Daniel Pearl murder case

India's leading edge

24 Jan 2021 5:35 PM GMT
India’s diplomatic wins and vaccine distribution policy have been widely acknowledged in Pakistan’s academic circles while also further frustrating the Pakistani administration

Unending problems

18 Jan 2021 5:31 PM GMT
Internal turmoil and uprisings continue to plague the Imran Khan administration

Keeping a watchful eye

12 Jan 2021 5:12 PM GMT
The presence of an active Pakistan-supported Chinese intelligence ring in Afghanistan calls for India to reinforce its counterintelligence operations in the region

Troubling direction

3 Jan 2021 5:56 PM GMT
Recent developments in Pakistan show an increasing pattern of linking religion with the practice of politics at the cost of democracy in the nation
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