Millennium Post

Shining figures

2 March 2021 4:55 PM GMT
India’s synergetic growth sets it apart from other major economies which continue to reel under the pandemic

Aligned growth

24 Feb 2021 4:16 PM GMT
Corporate growth is in sync with improving economic conditions in the post-Covid era

Uneven road

21 Feb 2021 6:05 PM GMT
Privatisation of banks will strengthen Government’s financial position but may cost credibility and employment

In the right direction

7 Feb 2021 5:32 PM GMT
Apart from unchanged policy rates, RBI has introduced a slew of measures to contain inflation and enhance growth in its monetary policy review

Augmenting growth

18 Jan 2021 5:34 PM GMT
Indicators of growth show improvement in post-Covid scenario for Indian economy

Emergent concern

11 Jan 2021 5:21 PM GMT
To manage all the resulting risks from the use of cryptocurrency in India, the Government should issue effective guidelines in this regard at the earliest

Seeking a different answer

5 Jan 2021 5:07 PM GMT
While it has been one of the primary points of contention in the ongoing farmers’ protest, the guarantee of MSP is not likely to ease the present woes of Indian farmers

No easy task

24 Dec 2020 4:52 PM GMT
Despite early hope, the road to economic recovery in India remains long & arduous

Taking flight

9 Dec 2020 4:38 PM GMT
With a new plan and a new owner, Jet Airways is ready to take to the skies again
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