Millennium Post

For a new global maritime axis

4 Nov 2014 10:18 PM GMT
‘This is the time to return to Jalesveva Jayamahe (in the ocean we will triumph). For too long, we’ve neglected the seas, oceans, straits and bays......

India spreads its wings in Asia-Pacific region

21 Oct 2013 12:23 AM GMT
India is so situated that it is the pivot of Western, Southern and Southeast Asia. Though not directly a Pacific state, India will invariably exercise ...

Trouble in Timbuktu

29 Jan 2013 11:09 PM GMT
‘Going to Timbuktu’. This statement, made often in jest in metropolitan India, refers to some distant, exotic place on a corner of the earth. But for...

Obama has plans for India

22 Jan 2013 10:21 PM GMT
As US President Barack Obama heads into his legacy-shaping second term in office, assumptions, expectations and suggestions abound about what his...

India pins hope on ‘Abenomics’

27 Dec 2012 10:34 PM GMT
Hopes are high in India as Shinzo Abe, leader of Japan’s pro-business Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), on Wednesday returned as prime minister with an...
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