Millennium Post

Who let the Sardar out?

28 Nov 2013 10:25 PM GMT
Only in India would a proposal to erect a statue in memory of Sardar Patel, who oversaw the integration of princely states into India as we know it...

Much ado about democracy’s flabby middle

31 Oct 2013 8:13 PM GMT
‘Group think’ systems are institutionalised at various levels. In business and industry we have the federations and chambers which presumably...

Mouldy growth fundamentals

23 Oct 2013 10:29 PM GMT
In the Indian context, these are critical for a long term growth strategy. Our growth czars are disingenuous in routinely deriding the use of equity...

Is Kejriwal a gamechanger?

18 Oct 2013 12:33 AM GMT
Disruptive innovation (DI) is a force multiplier in business and technology. Value creation is all about getting there ahead of the competition. DI...

Wanted Political Principles

12 Oct 2013 11:07 PM GMT
The goonda raj, unleashed in Delhi from 1975, pulled the rug from under the principled politics of the previous three decades. Even the followers of...
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