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Kapil Sibal Underground

27 Jun 2014 9:35 PM GMT
‘Politicisation of the Academia’ is the red-alert phrase that has been coming up time and again in last week’s media directed discourse on Delhi...

Subverting autonomy from within

6 Jun 2014 11:45 PM GMT
The recent history of Delhi University bears painful witness to the subversion of academic and administrative autonomy by individuals who were...

Subverting autonomy from within

6 Jun 2014 1:38 PM GMT
<p lang='en-IN' style='margin-bottom: 0cm;'><span lang='en-IN'>'<span lang='en-IN'>An objective observer of the university system in...

Aam Aadmi versus Aam Aadmi

13 Dec 2013 6:00 PM GMT
As an aam aadmi, I feel so vindicated by the stellar arrival of the AAP in Delhi’s politics that I am tempted to confine myself to all the happy and...

The presumption of innocence

26 Nov 2013 10:34 PM GMT
‘Justice doesn’t only mean that the people who commit crime are punished. It also means that we can never give up seeking the truth.’
- Henning Mankell,
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