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Rupee will soon stabilise, says Manish Tewari

Information and broadcasting minister Manish Tewari’s comment that the Indian economy was not in bad shape and its fundamentals were strong is bound to raise eyebrows. With the plunging of the rupee becoming news every day, addressing the issue of economic crisis in the country, Tewari told
Millennium Post,  ‘Much has been said about the fluctuation of the rupee.

The fact is post the announcement of the FED, that they are going to withdraw the stimulus because the American economy is looking better. The dollar has gone against other currencies of the world, so this has obviously been an implication for India.’ Tewari comments come in at a time when the UPA government and even the prime minister have remained tight-lipped on this issue.
‘I think as we go along and some of our industrial numbers start looking up with the efforts of the finance minister, the rupee will stabilise,’
he said.
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