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Rocking the stage with super-cool music

Rocking the stage with super-cool music
It all began in 2000, when five musicians met — ready for anything, proud of their varied experiences but determined to explore new musical territories. Then began the mixing of original celebratory spirit of jazz with hypnotic rhythms and contemporary sounds.

Acoustic and jungle, trip hop and fanfares, melodies and samples, funk and jazz happily mingled with drum and bass.  

On Friday night, this crazy bunch of guys from NoJazz presented some Nu-Jazz in the city, rocking the stage with their super-cool music, their high energy and their extraterrestrial costumes!

The group has redefined the genre with its syncopated, danceable rhythms, words, modalities and melodies from around the world. Even the most ‘intellectual’ of the city of light’s daily papers,
Monde questioned, ‘Is NoJazz the future of Jazz?’

The band consists of Philippe Balatier [keyboards], Sylvain Gontard [virtuoso jazz trumpeter], Pascal Reva [bassist and drummer], Philippe Sellam [saxophonist] and HKB Finn [vocals].

The band is known to have performed in about 40 countries so far, appearing at clubs and festivals. Their shows are explosive, fantastic displays of energy and rhythm.

No Jazz has released three albums with Warner Brothers internationally [with many guests, including Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind & Fire]. Their newest, fourth album Zooland came out in December 2009. Their five-piece ensemble performance on a French TV show called Salut Les Terriens goes on air every Saturday.

We loved them and couldn’t get enough of them. It was a good dose of electro-jazz, trip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, Latin and funk!
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