Millennium Post

Measuring well-being

6 Dec 2018 4:39 PM GMT
GDP possesses many shortcomings and needs to be complemented with alternative indicators which act as a proxy to economic, social and environmental...

Pathway to better living standards

14 Oct 2018 5:18 PM GMT
Adopting adequate policies will contain the impact of climate change

Creating sponge cities

23 Aug 2018 4:18 PM GMT
Retain, revive and restrain: Key to sustainable town planning and water conservation.

Private capital for public goods

22 Jun 2018 4:53 PM GMT
Impact investors are keen to influence people’s lives through their capital by making the world better – healthier, less polluted, and safer

Key to equitable development

14 May 2018 3:27 PM GMT
An inclusive and equitable development with gender diversity at the workplace is essential for India to realise its full growth potential.
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