Millennium Post

An insignificant blip

18 May 2022 2:17 PM GMT
Extreme poverty reduction estimates in Africa — based on 2017 prices — will soon reverse on account of higher food inflation during the pandemic

Food inflation: a new pandemic

20 April 2022 2:45 PM GMT
Food prices are increasing at an unprecedented rate worldwide, triggered by 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic-induced disruption and now the Russia-Ukraine ...

No end to imagination

8 April 2022 2:00 PM GMT
The IMF executive director has just declared that India was nearly free of extreme poverty in 2020 and inequality was the lowest in 40 years

Beneficiaries or right-holders?

9 March 2022 1:40 PM GMT
Basic facilities like housing, drinking water etc. are unalienable rights of individuals; should these be treated as benefits ‘provided’ by a...

Pursuit of a grand vision

31 Jan 2022 1:14 PM GMT
We still have an incredibly great distance to cover for realising the vision of ‘new India’ by the 75th Independence Day

A generation interrupted

4 Jan 2022 2:59 PM GMT
Children born under the grim shadow of the pandemic might present the next development challenge for the world

Nations' own natural wealth

11 Nov 2021 2:43 PM GMT
Developing nations are within their right to consume domestic natural resources for sustenance and development, even if it reaches unsustainable...

Flowing for water

7 Sep 2021 2:26 PM GMT
Low availability of water, coupled with livelihood prospect, remains a prominent reason for people from distressed regions migrating to Delhi

Deep economic paralysis?

10 Jun 2021 1:09 PM GMT
Amid the second wave of the pandemic, India enters into a situation that currently looks unimaginably distressed

A vicious cycle

25 April 2021 1:48 PM GMT
In face of high food insecurity with COVID-19 resurging, many across the country are cutting back on critical food items

Bloom of the billionaires

5 March 2021 4:32 PM GMT
Even without an exception in a year of pandemic, the world’s leading billionaires added over one trillion dollars to their collective wealth

A heavy cost

26 Jan 2021 4:27 PM GMT
Hastened by the pandemic, the inevitable automation of the global workforce threatens to further widen the development distribution gaps in India’s...
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