Millennium Post

A smoking gun

28 Nov 2021 12:53 PM GMT
Let’s move beyond the famous English proverb above, as we approach a hurdle that just can’t be scaled. MSP can’t happen. It is not plausible

Ode to lost humanity

21 Nov 2021 1:18 PM GMT
UP, MP, Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu – the scenario is the same. Under-custody people are rampantly killing themselves, we’re told. This is today’s crude joke

Vexed feelings

14 Nov 2021 3:48 PM GMT
There’s a lot happening in our country, much of which is making us cower and quiver. Here’s a glimpse of what makes us way s(l)icker than we really are

Bouncing the ball

7 Nov 2021 12:53 PM GMT
The Center has set the fuel fest-ball rolling and we can only hope that there is no further flipside. State VAT needs to be fixed. The problem – states are broke

The truth and the lies

31 Oct 2021 3:18 PM GMT
It is a grey area that we consternate over daily. The truth is that the chasm of our belief is widening, as is our redoubtable appetite to digest the indigestible

Will the Maharaja reign again?

24 Oct 2021 2:02 PM GMT
Being familiar with the Tatas, I am confident that the famous moustache shall be waxed once more, making Air-India the world's benchmark airline yet again

Black gold to bust

17 Oct 2021 12:57 PM GMT
It was a looming crisis that we ignored. We kept gabbing about green power, even as coal stockpiles at thermal plants tanked, leaving us staring at blackouts

Humanity lost

10 Oct 2021 1:45 PM GMT
We have lost the plot. Why else would we mow down our very own and trigger mayhem in a most macabre way? In the process, we are grabbing global infamy

When Goliath owns David

3 Oct 2021 1:19 PM GMT
India is witnessing a disparity of historic proportions, with 10% of Indians owning 77% of the money. In the last year alone, 73% of India's earnings have gone to 1% of our richest

Gone are the days

26 Sep 2021 11:16 PM GMT
Once an education superpower, India is sliding. Costs are sky-high and things are grievously wrong. So wrong that everything is hitting the proverbial fan and our youngsters are fleeing the country

Small beginnings

19 Sep 2021 1:22 PM GMT
This is a battle that has raged on for 4,000 years, since the world’s first king ruled in Mesopotamia. But this first happened in India. And this is happening yet again today, as we now have a revolution in the making

String a kite

12 Sep 2021 1:10 PM GMT
This is a flight of fancy. And we are going to need more than a little bit of conjuring to weather out this storm. We are at a crossroads and can but hope that a divine force will somehow help us take the right turnoff
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