Millennium Post

A drunken point of view

5 April 2020 5:31 PM GMT
An arbitrary condemnation and shutdown of liquor sales during the lockdown can only impede India’s fight against COVID-19 while also impacting the law and order situation

India's missing sections

29 March 2020 3:19 PM GMT
Plight of daily wage labourers, left without wages or a way home, must be promptly addressed

Necessary intensification

25 March 2020 5:11 PM GMT
To ensure full compliance with the lockdown and overall government mandate, the Indian authorities must be prepared to use an iron hand during this crisis

Playing fast and loose

15 March 2020 2:48 PM GMT
Knee-jerk tendency of Mutual Fund companies to use side-pocketing to minimise their own risks will likely affect investor confidence if left unrestrained

Talking investment

9 Feb 2020 2:40 PM GMT
Deep systemic rot in the Indian economy can only be tackled with swift, decisive action that acknowledges the scale of the problem, writes Rajeev Narayan

From boom to bust

2 Feb 2020 2:39 PM GMT
The Indian job market has seen significant downsizing during the course of the last half-decade, discusses Rajeev Narayan

Talking shop

26 Jan 2020 3:45 PM GMT
Wasting-away of India’s telecom industry must be countered with urgent, even radical measures, least the fallout affects the average consumer, opines Rajeev Narayan
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