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Rahul unsuitable to become PM: NCP

For Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, getting charge of the leadership of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) will not be an easy task. This has been indicated by the senior Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader and minister of state for agriculture and food processing industries, Tariq Anwar. In an interview to Millennium Post, Anwar said that Rahul Gandhi needed to gain some more experience before he could be considered for the post of the nation’s next prime minister.

‘Rahul Gandhi himself has said that he is not in a hurry to be the PM of the country. I feel Rahul needs to gain some experience as he himself is not confident about running the country. Because he has a particular (Gandhi) background and inheritance already with him, and if he keeps working the way he is doing now, then in the coming years, he, too, could get a chance to hold this post. Right now I feel he isn’t ready to take up the post.’

When asked that in contrast to Rahul Gandhi, the BJP leader and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has been projecting himself as the PM candidate, Anwar said , ‘Narendra Modi has no national image. He is, no doubt, the third term chief minister of a state, but it’s limited to that. Also, the image he projects is that of a hardcore fundamentalist. The PM of the country needs to have a person of secular and liberal image, which he completely lacks.’

The NCP General Secretary also added ‘their failures include the inability to manage their alliance partners, be it TMC or DMK. Also, 2G and Choppergate scams have also been big blots for the UPA government,’ added. Anwar also stressed that, ‘There need to be frequent meeting of coordination committee to boost confidence of alliance partners of the UPA.’

The NCP had spilt with the Congress because of difference in opinion on the leadership issue, will the NCP ever fuse with the Congress ever again in the future? ‘The question doesn’t arise of a merger ever. Our status is of a national party itself. The NCP will never merge will the Congress. We plan to expand the party in different areas,’ asserted Anwar.
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