Millennium Post

Climate change and India’s food system

25 Dec 2015 10:17 PM GMT
After more than 20 years of UN-led negotiations, the recent Paris Climate Conference was supposed to, for the first time, achieve a legally binding...

Global milk crisis threatens small Indian farmers

31 Oct 2015 10:14 PM GMT
Expand, grow, consolidate and let us join the Big Boys!”—that is the mantra that Indian policymakers (politicians and their advisors) have been...

Is this climate justice?

17 Sep 2015 10:04 PM GMT
During his address on September 3-5, 2015 “Samvad”—Global Hindu-Buddhist Initiative on Conflict Avoidance and Environment Consciousness, Prime...

The travails of building a toilet in India

29 July 2015 11:53 PM GMT
As the <g data-gr-id='40'>Swachh</g> Bharat juggernaut rolls on, homes in villages across Andhra Pradesh (as I am sure in other states)...
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