Millennium Post

The magic of Delhi

29 May 2016 9:22 PM GMT
For anybody who has had the fortune of calling Delhi his home – either for a part or all of his life – Lingering Charm of Delhi: Myth, Lore and...

Bon courage

6 Dec 2015 7:20 PM GMT
Nicolas Henin’s Jehad Academy: Rise of Islamic State is a superb piece of 100 per cent honest journalism. Even after going through the nightmare of 10 ...

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

1 Nov 2015 10:49 PM GMT
In The New Middle: The World After The Arab Spring, senior BBC employee Paul Danahar tries to convey the impression that his book is a Western...

History at its worst

11 Oct 2015 3:58 PM GMT
Christopher Lascelles’ A Short History of the World is certainly not what the name claims it to be. Just 241 pages in length, it is a very, very,...
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