Millennium Post

An uncertain fate

1 Nov 2020 5:00 PM GMT
Latest report on the loss of labour hours worldwide by ILO indicates a failure on part of responsible governments to protect workers in developing economies against the ravages of COVID-19

The Indian plutocracy

25 Oct 2020 7:18 PM GMT
During the months of the pandemic, while millions were suffering from acute loss of employment and income, billionaires added hugely to their wealth — increasing an ever-widening gap

Incomplete picture

11 Oct 2020 4:47 PM GMT
While a tempting correlation to make, ample examples in the Indian context show that GDP growth does not necessarily lead to alleviation in poverty or an increase in real income

Best of intentions

13 July 2020 2:57 PM GMT
Boris Johnson’s version of the ‘New Deal’ acknowledges the end of the era of neoliberalism but will likely not play out in a manner similar to the original one

Struggling to keep up

3 July 2020 5:45 PM GMT
India's abysmally low healthcare expenditure over the years has compounded the already formidable stress of the current pandemic

Untenable approach

28 Jun 2020 5:43 PM GMT
The Government decision of increasing oil tax as a method of reducing the fiscal deficit is the least optimum and most economically damaging solution to the problem

Mounting debt crisis

5 Jun 2020 6:10 PM GMT
With the pandemic only aggravating the existing problem of massive external debt for the poorest 77 countries of the third world, G-20 must step in with a long term solution
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