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Poop. Tweet. Script write.

Amos Lee is back and this time he has a bigger, meaner bully on his rear than Michael. Narcissus Loo – the director who is determined to not let Amos (or anyone for that matter) use his golden loo or breathe in peace on the movie sets.

The Iphone-totting, Twitter-happy, FB friend-amassing, bowel movement-obsessed Amos Lee’s diaries have been posted online by someone and along comes Narcissus Loo who wants to make it into a TV show. But wait! Amos doesn’t get to be the star, not quite yet. Adeline Foo brings back Amos with Alvin, Antony, WPI (whiny, pesky, irritating brat – his sister), Everest (his brother), Michael and Tiger Mum for the fourth installment of The Diary of Amos Lee after three insanely successfull previous books.

This book has Amos marginally older, not mature, just older – and still without body hair (on the chest! Pervs!!!) and problems bigger than just making sure that Everest doesn’t poop on the floor. Not only is he constipated but someone else might play the role of Amos Lee on TV! ‘If I don’t get to play me – no one does!’ says Amos. But read on. It deserves a good laugh. While the tone is kept perfectly in sync with the previous books, one does tend to wonder how long the toilet humour will be funny. The obsession with Twitter and Facebook is quite funny as is the game ‘Are you a Dodo’ – (BTW – is it available in Android?) but maybe the series should be inching towards some more semblance of teenage maturity. Is Foo listening?

The illustrations are adorable as always as is the idea of the secret fan sending the perfect sandwiches for lunch. Taking a break from the heavier adult books – Amos Lee is a good treat. If everyone is still half as immature as I am – that is. Poop IS serious business. 

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