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Adrian Finkelstein is not your regular physician. Though the man has had a medical doctor for 40 years, he is better known for his other talent. For a lot of patients who are plagued with nagging medical issues, memories of places they have never been to, inexplicable fears, biases in life that makes them search for solutions normal medicine cannot offer - Finkelstein has become the ‘go-to’ guy.

An expert in past-life therapy, Finkelstein was recently in the Capital to promote his latest book By Love Reclaimed which he has co-written with Valerie Franich.

Finkelstein, who has trained in holistic health, mind and life connections for over 35 years, believes that the mind can heal the body. While regular medicine aims to fix the body, he aims to look into the mind to find solutions for not only physical ailments, but also matters of the heart. ‘I am a doctor, I am not against medicines,’ says Finkelstein, but he adds that people might have inherent problems that medicines cannot solve.

By Love Reclaimed is all about yesteryears actress Jean Harlow returning to clear her husband Paul Bern’s name.  Finkelstein explains that Harlow reincarnated in the form of Franich. Franich, who was also in the Capital with him, says that she knew a lot about Harlow inherently. She describes this one incident where she started talking about houses she knew and places around Harlow’s hometown almost instinctively. A friend of hers encouraged her to meet Finkelstein. Finkelstein and Franich realised during their sessions that Finkelstein was also the reincarnation of Paul Bern (director, screenwriter and producer for MGM), Harlow’s husband who was found dead in his house with a gunshot wound to the head.  The past-life regression revealed that Bern was infact killed by his ex-wife Dorothy Millette.

Finkelstein’s older book Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul is all about Canadian singer Sherrie Lea Laird asking for help to heal her trauma. Regressions explained that she was a reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

Franich is excited about promoting the book in India, she asks us how well versed we are with the idea of past lives. While she knows that reincarnation is a part of the Hindu belief she also says that people in India are yet to open their minds to holistic healing.

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