Millennium Post

Relentless propaganda

22 Jun 2015 1:58 AM GMT
Is it not a strange coincidence that Prime Minister Narendra Modi manages to persuade the United Nations to declare June 21 as International Yoga Day? ...

Let us fasten our seat belts

23 Feb 2015 9:24 PM GMT
The wave of expectations has begun to dip. Cracks are appearing only nine months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi swept the 2014 Lok Sabha...

‘Request FM to raise allocation for health’

22 July 2014 8:10 PM GMT
We have the universal health coverage plan to ensure proper healthcare. How are you going to make it more effective, considering India allocates only a...

Sunanda’s death used for internal wrangling

2 July 2014 8:35 PM GMT
The controversy over Sunanda Pushkar’s mysterious death is being stoked to settle scores in the ongoing internal bickering and promotional wrangling...

Quiet sea change required

7 May 2014 5:36 PM GMT
If there is one area for which it is difficult to predict how a Modi government will work, it is internal security – beyond an aggressive approach of...

Dirty medicine: Ranbaxy’s FDA travails

14 March 2014 11:03 PM GMT
In an ideal world Ranbaxy Laboratories might not exist anymore. The world, however, is imperfect and more so in India, where the leading generic drug...

Sunanda’s death and drug regulation

25 Jan 2014 11:43 PM GMT
On 17 January, Sunanda Pushkar, wife of the union minister Shashi Tharoor, was found dead in a hotel suite in Delhi. Autopsy findings indicated an...

How Bihar is netting the sting to make money

24 Dec 2013 11:20 PM GMT
Prosperity is quite visible in the villages here – there are very few huts, there is no dearth of four-wheeled vehicles and almost everyone owns a...

‘Striking at root cause of crime’

16 Nov 2013 11:00 PM GMT
Abhayanand, who took over as Bihar police chief in August 2011, has been looking at some out-of-the-box ideas to curb crime, corruption and black...
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