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Message from Kongar Kalan

Development and welfare measures implemented in Telangana in 51 months of governance

Message from Kongar Kalan

Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrashekar Rao conveyed, in more than one ways, several facets to everyone who attended the mammoth public meeting at Kongar Kalam near Hyderabad on Sunday, September 2, 2018, as well as all those who heard him over television sets across the state and country. If the message of early elections was implicit when he avoided a direct reference to that in his speech, then it was explicit when he announced that Rajya Sabha Member K Keshav Rao will head the manifesto committee for the next elections. He added that welfare schemes would be included in the election manifesto. It was, however, anybody's guess whether he would prefer a dissolution and go for elections to state assembly earlier than expected. The Chief Minister, though, was totally non-committal on calling for an early election to the Assembly, however stating that he would announce a decision at the right time soon.

He utilised the occasion to showcase nearly 500 development and welfare schemes which included among others, the first of its kind schemes in the country which were not promised in the election manifesto. Presenting the progress report of the government —the Pragathi Nivedika was the theme of the meeting, which was carried out successfully.

None of the political parties had any clue on the outcome except for a wild guess. He kept them guessing and reserved the final decision with himself, which could be, either way, keeping his cards close to his chest. When he made yet another reference to Mission Bhagiratha Scheme and said that drinking water to every household would be made available about six months ahead of elections, it was another of those implicit indications of early elections. In a way, CM confirmed early elections when he said that he fulfilled his commitment to not asking votes unless the scheme is successfully implanted. He also stated how the Council of Ministers left the final decision to him regarding the dissolution and added that he will do what is good for the people of the state.

In yet another clear message, criticising the Congress party, CM said that, the goal of political parties should be to build better lives for the people of the State and not politicise everything. CM cited examples of Telangana government's various schemes and programs benefiting each and every section of the state. He also indicated that Congress, if voted to power, will not be able to do even a minuscule part of what was done under the governance of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). The best example he gave was the formation of Zones enabling employment opportunities to 95 per cent of locals. He asked the gathering, that if TRS was not in power, would this 95 per cent reservation in jobs be possible for the locals.

Citing the example of Tamil Nadu politics, CM emphasised the importance and role of regional parties in the development of state and also in fighting against the so-called national parties. According to him, wherever there are regional parties it amounts to people having their own political parties to ensure self-respect of the people of that State. CM compared the Tamil Nadu scenario with Telangana where TRS took care of its people which conferred its massive support to the government of Telangana under his leadership.

Nearly 30 lakh crowd gathered in 600 acres of the ground when CM detailed the development and welfare measures that were initiated as well as implemented in the state during the 51 months of governance. When he mentioned about uninterrupted power supply; empowering farmers; reviving the agriculture sector that was in distress and despair through Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bhima; reviving hereditary professions; the Mission Kakatiya; rescuing the weaver's families that were in awful conditions; strengthening the rural economy by extending due support to cattle rearing; and many such schemes, the audience felt immensely happy acknowledging their understanding of how the government worked throughout in helping them.

Responding to the enthusiasm of the audience, the Chief Minister called upon the people to stand by the TRS Government to bring back it to power repeatedly. He assured of better days ahead for them in the future, promising the TRS government's preparedness to continue working hard for improving the economic standards of the people and share the state's wealth with the people. In this regard, he hinted at increasing the pension amount and providing unemployment allowance.

Assuring the emergence of Bangaru Telangana when the irrigation projects are completed, when one crore acres are irrigated, and when the entire State turns green with life, CM said that the government will increasingly share this wealth with the people. The message he gave was how Telangana today is synonymous with growth and of course, this will continue like this, as long as TRS is in power.

He also recalled the days of 2001, when following an abnormal hike in power tariffs by the Chandrababu Naidu Government impacting farmers, and how he wrote an open letter to the CM demanding the withdrawal of the hike unsuccessfully. He told the audience how that particular incident triggered the fight for Telangana and how he fought uncompromisingly until the statehood was achieved non-violently.

CM shared with the audience, how, after attaining Telangana State and even before that too, brainstorming took place on reinventing and reorienting the State. CM also shared with the audience the problems encountered by the newly formed Telangana State Government on administrative and financial fronts and how successfully they could overcome them.

The message, on the whole, is very clear from CM when he finally said that the government made significant strides in the past four-and-a-half years and there was more to achieve. And hence, the need to bring back TRS to power as and when elections are held-whether earlier or as scheduled.

(The author is Chief Public Relations Officer to Chief Minister Telangana. The views expressed are strictly personal)

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