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A big leap of progress

The KCR government begins its successive term to augment the progress that its first term delivered – advancing Telangana in its developmental trajectory

A big leap of progress

Yet another historical day dawns on Telangana today with the commencement of newly elected Assembly sessions after the previous KCR Government was voted to power for a successive term with a thumping majority. This was preceded by the swearing-in of Protem Speaker in Raj Bhavan by the Governor yesterday. The four-day session will witness oath-taking of newly elected MLAs by Protem Speaker, new Speaker election, Governor's address to joint session of legislature and motion of thanks to Governor's address.

During the four and a half years of KCR and his team's first term, unprecedented progress and development were registered in the state attracting the attention of the entire country. Through its robust governance and strategic approach, the government heralded the state towards progress.

The KCR government all through its first term gave top priority for comprehensive welfare measures. Livelihood and security have been provided to over 40 lakh poor people through Aasara Pensions which is done nowhere in India. As promised in the election manifesto the government will be enhancing all types of Aasara pensions from Rs 1000 to Rs 2016. The pensions of differently abled persons would be enhanced from Rs 1500 to Rs 3016. In addition, unemployment allowance of Rs 3016 will be given to unemployed youth. All these may probably come into effect from the next financial year.

Kalyana Laxmi and Shaadi Mubarak schemes, which have been initiated and implemented by the KCR government to financially help the families of those who sink in severe debts due to the marriage of their girl child, continue to yield excellent results.

With a view to protect and enable the poor to live with dignity and self-respect, KCR Government initiated the construction of two-bedroom houses. As promised in the election manifesto, KCR government, while continuing the construction of double bedroom houses as per the existing norms, will in future provide financial assistance to those poor persons who have own plot and desirous of constructing a house on their own.

Several steps which were initiated by the KCR government to restore and revitalise the agriculture sector, that was totally subjected to destruction during the erstwhile rule, yielded positive results. All the farmers experienced great relief. The Rythu Bandhu Scheme introduced by the KCR government aimed at investment support to each farmer for agriculture received praise from all over the world. The farmers are happy as they are getting Rs 8000 per acre for two crops, at the rate of Rs 4000 per acre per crop. The investment support of Rs 8000 per acre will now be increased to Rs 10000 per acre from next financial year in accordance with the election manifesto. The Rythu Bhima Scheme comes to the rescue of the farmer's family in the event of his death, irrespective of the cause. Under this scheme, the farmer's family gets Rs 5 Lakhs from LIC within 10 days of his death. Rythu Samanvaya Samithis (Farmer Coordination Committees) have been formed to bring farmer into an organised sector. The government, as promised, will pay an honorarium to its members.

The inclusion of Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bhima Schemes in the list of ten great unique schemes of UN is indeed a rare international appreciation to Telangana. Several states are preparing themselves to adopt this scheme besides a loud thought at the national level. It a matter of pride that several agricultural experts and economists keep saying that Rythu Bandhu Scheme is a unique one which alone can prevent a farmer from any distress.

The rectification and purification of land records is a great reform in the country which the KCR government managed successfully. With this, clarity regarding the ownership of land could be reached. The government has issued high security enabled Pattaadar Pass Book cum title deed to the farmers.

Telangana overcame the power crisis in a very short period. As one and the only state that provides 24-hour power supply to all sectors including agriculture, it created several records of different sorts. To convert Telangana as a power surplus state and to bring 28000 Megawatts of installed capacity of power, the government is constructing new power plants. Telangana established a record in per capita power consumption which is an indication of development index.

For the provision of irrigated water to one crore acres of land, the KCR government has constructed Palamoor-Rangareddy, Kaleshwaram, Seetarama, Dindi, etc., projects. Simultaneously, all the pending projects were expedited and they are providing irrigated water for 12 lakh acres of fresh ayacut. Thousands of chain of tanks were rejuvenated as part of Mission Kakatiya. To permanently solve the drinking water problem, the government is committed to complete the ambitious project of Mission Bhagiratha by end of March 2019. Mission Bhagiratha has become a role model to other states.

As part of revitalisation and strengthening of the rural economy, sheep distribution on a large scale to Yadavas and Kurumas has been going on to strengthen them financially and also to register self-sufficiency in meat production. To enhance the livelihood opportunities of fishermen, the government has convened large-scale fish seeding in all water bodies in the state and the rights on fishing there have been given to the fishermen. To help and assist the handloom workers, they are provided with continuous work, besides subsidy on wool and chemicals.

663 new residential schools have been established in the state as part of KG to PG free and compulsory education policy. The students receiving education in these institutions have been achieving tremendous results and success in many areas. From the next academic year, the government proposes to start 119 more residential schools with one for each constituency.

The government has significantly developed the Public Health Organisation. KCR Kits scheme has been introduced. Kanti-Velugu program is being successfully organised to bring eye screening facility to each and everyone suffering from eye related problems. On the lines of Kanti-Velugu, large scale health camps are planned to be organised across the state for ear, nose, throat and dental diagnostic tests. The health profile of every individual, as well as that of state, will be developed.

The TS IPass Act popularly known as "single window without grills" has been brought. This act enables to establish new industries by investors in a hassle-free manner for which the required clearances are given within 15 days of application. Telangana today is an attractive destination for industrial investment. The services sector has become the main growth engine of the state economy in recent decades.

Every scheme implemented in the state yielded tremendous results. They are directly helping the people. Every scheme that is under implementation is leaving a rich experience among people. All these schemes have the blessings of all the people. Telangana holds its head high with pride before the whole world as a progressive state and, with KCR at the helm again, will continue to develop and prosper.

(The author is Chief Public Relations Officer to Telangana CM. The views expressed are strictly personal)

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