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Substantially deep

13 April 2021 4:40 PM GMT
India’s ‘strategic water partnership’ with the Netherlands covers a wide geographical spread and extensive engagement

Leader of the marginalised

13 April 2021 4:32 PM GMT
As a democrat who detested anarchy; a nationalist who held national integrity supreme and a socialist — Ambedkar continues to inspire political evolution

More accountability

12 April 2021 4:51 PM GMT
Increased frequency and intensity of forest fires pose severe challenges — demanding more alertness and coordination on part of concerned authorities

Squabbling over a chimera

12 April 2021 4:49 PM GMT
Though climate change is back on the agenda, discussing the wrong things presents the danger of losing the opportunity to drive home ‘climate change action’

Short-lived euphoria

11 April 2021 4:51 PM GMT
Pakistan’s delight around Russian FM’s visit may be diluted against the backdrop of internal opposition PM Khan is facing

Expanding the frontiers

11 April 2021 4:50 PM GMT
A simplified and less frequent GST return filing format is at the core of reforms but that has to come through steady, unhurried steps

Necessary constraint

9 April 2021 5:20 PM GMT
A balance between sustainability and urban socio-economic development can be achieved through quantitative evaluation of the carrying capacity of the target region

Data leaks

9 April 2021 5:19 PM GMT
An increase in the number of data breaches makes an urgent case for better data security laws in India

Mounting threats

8 April 2021 5:40 PM GMT
An integrated coastal management plan is the need of the hour for effective management of coral reefs

Getting the job done

8 April 2021 5:39 PM GMT
Given its economic capacity and carbon debt it owes the world, the US should not emit any carbon in the future at all; assert Tejal Kanitkar & Nagraj Adve

Pariksha Pe Charcha

7 April 2021 6:10 PM GMT
Prime Minister’s frequent interaction with young India is aimed to ease off the burden of exams and promote competency-based joyful learning

Letz Dream Foundation

7 April 2021 6:10 PM GMT
The organisation is leading social transformation by facilitating accessibility of funds to promising non-profits and enhancing livelihoods of underprivileged
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