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No run in the mill (S & Boon)

By mistake positioned as the ‘un-official bestseller not-by-mistake’ on a pre-launch promotional exercise has surprised critiques and readers alike. The critiques had written-off the ‘rather-slim’ novel as a ‘chicklit romance’, ‘another Chetan Bhagat masquerade’ or even the high-voltage, as-honest-as-it-gets write-up on the book – ‘it’s a Mills & Boon from a male perspective.’

With just 60 days into the launch By Mistake has become a surprise bestseller. It has stormed into the top fifth position of the debutant booksellers chart who ‘dare to write otherwise’.

By Mistake is an honest yet eclectic attempt at writing. Viveik pandit, the debutant writer has displayed shades of masterly story telling with his witty and crisp expressions. Despite the handicap of a simple plot at hand, Pandit not only manages to sustain the interest of the readers, but does it with aplomb in this who-has-the-time-to-read age.

An endearing account of Shantanu and his first love Kavita, the story is fun-filled affair, tugging-your-heart with a pinch and a nudge as it takes you on a journey where the belief in ‘real’ love is a way of life. By Mistake has aptly contributed to the standards of expressions in English language,’ asserts the octogenarian Ram Advani, a name synonymous with books since independence. Pandit deserves the bouquet and the pat for not succumbing to the populist compulsions of writing a ‘marketable book’.

The setting of the story is Lucknow, though the story moves to other parts of India as well, but the treatment is as real as it gets. Through his ‘Shantanu speak’, Pandit very cleverly and innovatively opens vistas and provides us a peek into the mind of the character. No wonder it could be my story or even yours. I would recommend it as a must read, by choice and not by the oft repeated phrase which has threatened to become a much loved common expression – by mistake.
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