Millennium Post

Bringing justice

3 Sep 2020 5:27 PM GMT
At a time when the integrity of the judicial system is being questioned, recent high courts decision to release Kafeel Khan and Devangana Kalita work to restore the faith

Point of cohesion

18 Dec 2019 4:32 PM GMT
Principal resistance to the contentious legislation can serve as a point of consensus for disgruntled opposition parties to combat the current dispensation’s agenda

Reinvigorating public enterprises

16 Oct 2019 4:56 PM GMT
As pillars of our core economy, CPSEs need a holistic approach from the Centre for the improvement of their operations

Detrimental status quo

5 Sep 2019 4:27 PM GMT
With the international community becoming increasingly critical of the prolonged lockdown, India must take steps to restore normalcy in Kashmir

Turning Left

27 Jun 2019 4:19 PM GMT
Denmark is the third Nordic country to form a left government this year

Crunch in NBFCs

22 May 2019 4:33 PM GMT
New government’s priority must be towards improving the situation of crisis-plagued NBFCs and directing RBI to save them from bankruptcy

To a wavering ECI

11 April 2019 4:30 PM GMT
Former Civil Servants’ letter to Election Commission rings loud

Unemployment red alert!

31 Jan 2019 2:11 PM GMT
At a 45-year high, joblessness has gripped India and the crisis is now reaching a stage of social explosion

Return of Latin American Left

5 Dec 2018 2:32 PM GMT
Mexico’s new leftist President could be a beacon of hope for the country ambushed by drug cartels, violence and poverty

Brazil says yes to Right

31 Oct 2018 1:36 PM GMT
Brazil’s newly elected President is provocatively Right, often violently ridiculing the Left – yet, he managed to secure a victory with 55 per cent votes

Mamata the peacemaker

30 July 2018 4:01 PM GMT
In coordinating efforts of UPA and the federal front, Mamata Banerjee could emerge as a key player.

Cooperation in Parliament

28 Jun 2018 3:17 PM GMT
Restrained cooperation between the ruling and opposition parties will hinder crucial resolutions.
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