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Nitya Chakraborty

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Mamata the peacemaker

2018-07-30 16:01:41.0
In coordinating efforts of UPA and the federal front, Mamata Banerjee could emerge as a key player.

Cooperation in Parliament

2018-06-28 15:17:03.0
Restrained cooperation between the ruling and opposition parties will hinder crucial resolutions.

Congress' wise ways

2018-06-12 16:00:33.0
After Karnataka, Congress has realised the vital role regional parties can play

India's claim to fame

2018-05-22 16:50:45.0
Indian stability innovations are garnering immense global recognition as experiments for rural transformation receive valuable appreciation

Yechury has historic tasks ahead

2018-04-23 15:14:13.0
Broadening anti-BJP unity, left renewal to be top agenda for the CPI(M) leader.

Mamata on the move

2018-04-10 15:15:24.0
Mamata Banerjee’s one-to-one strategy for the 2019 polls is workable only with a synchronised understanding between the Congress and regional parties

Tackling farm distress

2018-01-18 15:19:38.0
The core of NDA’s final budget will emphasise on rejuvenating the agricultural sector and creating fresh employment opportunities,

Theresa's May-day

2018-01-09 15:37:51.0
British PM’s half-hearted Cabinet reshuffle is a disaster for her government and provides major boost to the Labour Party.

Trump jolts the Middle East

2017-12-07 16:42:09.0
Donald Trump’s call to Jerusalem exemplifies his drive for a one-man show disregarding the peace talks surrounding the Palestine crisis.

Lessons for African neighbours

2017-12-05 15:42:41.0
The factors leading to Robert Mugabe’s ouster are being assessed by experts in different ways but one thing is clear – the current developments are the culmination of three inter-related realities.

Realigning classical ideology

2017-11-30 15:42:25.0
Reminiscing the great October Revolution, communist parties are scavenging for a fresh agenda.

Tough task, but not impossible

2017-11-16 16:01:07.0
With just three weeks left for the first phase of the crucial state Assembly elections in Gujarat, the political situation at ground level in this...


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