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Narendra Sharma

Narendra Sharma

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Anti-labour laws bring unity of purpose in trade unions

16 Jan 2013 11:05 PM GMT
The 45th Session of the Standing Labour Committee (SLC), held in Delhi, on 3 January, 2013, set the Agenda for the Indian Labour Conference (ILC) –...

Of bondage and lost childhoods

10 Dec 2012 3:41 AM GMT
Keeping a worker in bondage in rural or urban area, in agrarian sector, in a factory or even at homes is a shameful practice. However, the bonded...

Trade unions assert their presence

12 Oct 2012 11:28 PM GMT
Under the United Progressive Alliance [UPA] regimes, which have been committed to reforms, the country’s labour movement and labour unionisation have...

Workers, united we stand

13 Aug 2012 12:23 AM GMT
The central trade union organisations (CTUOs) have come to the conclusion that they have to resort to a ‘higher form’ of nationwide action to force...

Government’s labour pains

3 July 2012 1:49 AM GMT
The union labour ministry under Mallikarjun Kharge seems to be waking up to the fast growing labour problems in the country, which need to be...

Manual scavenging still a national shame

21 May 2012 7:08 AM GMT
The scavengers or sanitary workers belong to the lowliest of the toilers among country's 450 million work force. Their working and living conditions...

Labour movement at crossroads

7 May 2012 3:16 AM GMT
The labour movement in India is at a crossroads. This became obvious when 11 Central Trade Union Organisations met on 26 April in the INTUC Delhi...
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