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Nantoo Banerjee

Nantoo Banerjee

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Eyeing corporatisation

11 Nov 2019 3:59 PM GMT
While pushing Railway assets towards corporatisation and eventual privatisation seems to be on the government’s cards, it would be prudent to analyse risks before proceeding

Misleading picture

4 Nov 2019 4:49 PM GMT
A snapshot of India’s family-managed public companies doesn’t quite look as propitious as it does for its individual promoters

Missing quality

28 Oct 2019 3:26 PM GMT
The impressive GDP growth rates in recent years amount to nothing if India continues to fare poorly on the socio-economic front

Whims cause worry

21 Oct 2019 3:22 PM GMT
Despite being of little help to the economy, whimsical rate cuts by the central bank continue – putting pressure on both depositors and lenders

The Chinese strides

14 Oct 2019 4:38 PM GMT
70 years of the communist regime’s unhindered and ruthless focus has made China the second-largest economy in the world

From importer to exporter

30 Sep 2019 3:27 PM GMT
Thanks to MTCR’s final admission of India, the country can now export missiles

Overcoming oil woes

23 Sep 2019 3:17 PM GMT
Shifting away from fossil fuels is fast emerging as a necessity given how global price fluctuations tend to impede India’s economic growth

Combatting recession

16 Sep 2019 3:07 PM GMT
With five straight quarters of GDP growth shrinkage, India requires a new role model to guide its investment and infrastructure growth out of recession

Ineffective remedy

9 Sep 2019 3:28 PM GMT
With byproducts of employee surplus and customer inconvenience, public sector bank mergers seem to contribute to economic recession rather than remedying it

A leap of faith

26 Aug 2019 4:03 PM GMT
The country’s lagging economy demands a big investment push from the government to create sustainable employment opportunities

The ailing economy

19 Aug 2019 5:02 PM GMT
With fewer new projects, unemployment and a precariously-held private sector, Indian economy portrays numerous signs of a gradual downturn

Collateral damage

11 Aug 2019 2:06 PM GMT
Falling Yuan threatens Indian prospects amidst the Sino-US trade war
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